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  • bare4 bare4 Jun 2, 2004 5:14 PM Flag

    Low Risk Idea

    I have a fairly large amount of money in a money market that is not needed for income or principal for an extended period of time. However, since everthing has risk, with treasuries and money markets the lowest risk, I thought the board might have a few suggestions for closed-end funds, taxable or tax-free that have very low volatiliy. I'd apreciate your thoughts.

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    • 1. I like & have been buying FF. On 4/16/04, I worked up the annualized rates of return each yr from FF's {Yahoo} historical numbers DRIP-ed {in %'s}:
      1. 36.96
      2. 20.19
      3. 33.53
      4. 37.78
      5. 29.5
      6. 13.49
      7. 26.67
      8. 36.38
      9. 43.82
      5/27/04 I did the same DRIP-ed & unDRIP-ed:
      1. 34.91
      2. 28.85
      3. 31.49
      4. 37.17
      5. 26.52
      6. 17.12
      7. 24.7
      8. 36.37
      9. 42.41
      10. 33.02 **Cost basis went to zero from here

      1. 15.66
      2. 14.97
      3. 11.22
      4. 20.64
      5. 17.51
      6. 11.93
      7. 6.89
      8. 12.07
      9. 13.63
      10. 14.44

      Historically, FF has the best hard numbers I can find of all CEFs. DRIP or unDRIP. Where it goes from here I have no clue except the fund manager has been with FF a while & seems to know his stuff.
      IF... he can keep making % returns like these, I don't care if he invests in brass door knobs..... or whatever.
      2. GHI is another I own & it has good historical numbers DRIP & unDRIP. Notice on the 5yr cht, GHI takes one or 2 good dips per year. These are the buying opportunities IMO. Also GHI usually goes up nice for the month of Jan.
      3. SGL Similar story as GHI but not quite as good. I own it too.
      4. SBW I own, it has a steady div but the shs price goes nowhere unless you DRIP it.
      5. SLA I own & has great numbers DRIP & unDRIP.

      Caveat Emptor...... & GL to You!

      PS: For stks, I like LM long term from here... but I haven't bgt yet.

      CME is another I've owned & am out for now. Maybe in 3wks to a month I'll get back in with a stop under it.

    • is now paying 2.10% money market funds.

    • I have Liberty Allstar Equity. Ticker USA. The msg board is not working though. I believe it was getting too many anti-American posts due to it's ticker. Div is 10% per annum of its net asset value per share. Next payout is $.22
      per share. (qtrly). I also have DNP Duff Phelps Utility. Some people on their msg board think DNP is not handling some of the financing of the dividend properly. As far as I'm concerned they're doing it right, so I like them. If you do check out DNP, read Joy_Wendy's posts. She's something!

    • XLU and PCL are two positions I own that pay a dividend and are less volatile than any of my bond cefs.

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