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  • aldag aldag Aug 16, 1999 11:25 PM Flag

    Where are they now?...

    Yes, where are those open enders now? Those folks
    that wanted to open end the fund to get rid of the
    discount to NAV. I do believe FAX is at a slight premium
    to NAV at the moment. I hope the open enders are
    taking advantage of the present situation to sell, and
    make a lot of capital gains........

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    • to make my decision.

    • My tax statment has FAX + KBA listed on same form .I am not a accountent -but looks like KBA handles tax the same way as FAX does . Sorry , the bast I can do .

    • will get back to you after I look at my year-end tax .

    • with aus dollar up today, fax is suppoose to follow.
      why drop today

    • Hack you posted that you are into KBA. I still
      like the AUD, I just don't like FAX's current premium.
      Does KBA withdraw Australian income tax also like FAX?
      I imagine it would have to.

      thanks in

    • You might want to look at these two
      sites:, mainly statistical info like discount, returns
      over various periods, turnover rate, expenses, and an
      important one average discount/premium over the last 10
      years. While here you might want to look at FAX's
      average discount/premium to today's.

      For REITs
      another high yield investment, look at
      REITs are heavily discounted, I like REITs selling
      below book value and with net insider buying over the
      last six months. Look out for debt levels as this adds
      risk if you are a conservative investor.

      think to look out for is the complexity of filing tax
      returns. Foreign investments like FAX often require filing
      of the form (I forget the number right now) for
      foreign tax credits and partnerships like AC require even
      more difficult tax forms. These days Turbotax does a
      pretty good job on both of these forms.

      luck and I would offer only one piece of advice -
      diversify. There are bonds, bond funds, foreign bond funds,
      REITs, utilities, preferreds, limited partnerships (like
      AC and a lot of natural resource partnerships, and a
      few just high yielding stocks. Take several issues
      from several different types of high yielding

    • I'm an experienced investor who has been asked to
      help a friend invest $200,000 for income. I need to
      learn more about closed-end funds for both our
      portfolios. Can anyone suggest a book or other resource to
      help me evaluate these stocks? I appreciate the
      ongoing discussion, especially the comments of rwitt.

      I'm looking at FAX SNF CRO ACG and AC for

      Thanks much.


      This is sometime you LISTEN to, if you don't have Real Time Player go to the link at

    • They bought a big property last spring. Is it
      risky, yes. It's best to not over invest in these types
      of things as I'm sure you know.

      I find I have
      the best luck when I limit my "risky" yield
      investments to "small" amounts and have a variety of them
      instead. Certainly easier on my stress level. I also find
      having smaller amounts allows me not to panic when they
      drop, I can think more clearly and ever perhaps average
      down if the fundamentals are sound. JMHO. Of course if
      it's absolute show in I load up and scale
      in certain rights offerings.

      MSY rights
      offering is expiring the 9/24, rights holders get a 5%
      break on a discounted price. A good buy at $12 I'd
      think. CGF should declare their record for their rights
      offering in the next few days, I will be involved there
      too. Check them out.

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