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  • richardg32 richardg32 Nov 25, 1999 1:25 PM Flag

    Fax at 5 13/16?

    Is this tax selling or does someone know more? Even if the dividend rate drops to .05/mon., at $6/share that's still 10%, right? why not buy now? Need advise!

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    • ""Cost averaging is best done when the value is the best""...we all tend to use cost average to compensate for bad purchases than looking at the situation, a miss use.

    • I think you are on my wave . Time is to watch for
      a bit , before buying .FAX is as good in what it
      does as we can buy .BUT ,we have to buy at the best
      time and best value .With a cut in the rate FAX will
      pay -WAIT for the change - the price will adjust fast
      .Cost averaging is best done when the value is the best
      As to price -how much will the payout be cut ? I do
      not know -will wait and see .
      I will buy if the
      discount is larger-maybe -20 to -25% --yes larget than I
      said a few week ago-before the I new about the meeting

    • you can get any nav on this site very good
      for closed-end funds.


    • should fall to where the yield rivals other
      similar risk investments. I think FAX is valued more like
      a bond than a stock. However, if there is tax
      selling driving the price artificially lower, there may
      be a buying opportunity.

      Unfortunately, as I
      recollect, FAX has never raised its dividend. I remember
      when it was around $1.09 a year and there have only
      been cuts. Dividend reinvestment however, as a sort of
      dollar averaging, has still made this a relatively
      profitable investment.

    • cut in this month meeting, would be my

      The NAV is $6.18 and the discount at $5.375 is over
      13% now. I wouldn't think they would cut the dividend
      more than a penny a month. If that was the case than
      the yield would be near 11%. Probably about right for

      The fund still has a very high quality
      portfolio, far better than most in the Global markets. Based
      on it's "real" earnings of $.48 it's still a 9%
      yield. Good not great in this enviroment it

      I would rate the stock a hold, if people could live
      with possibily more short term sell off. If the BOD
      cuts the dividend you can guarantee the stock will
      have a downdrafts from where ever it is

      I might get back in at that time. It looks like the
      average quality is still a strong A and the average
      duration looks in the 5 year range. A comfortable profile
      for risk level, IMO.

      At $5 or below, IMO the
      discount would more than compensate for the lack of
      earnings on the portfolio. At $5 the stock is a 19%
      discount, that should give plenty of principle protection
      I'd think?

      Any others...a buy level??

    • Personally, I'm grateful to the sellers. I hold a lot of this stock and am just waiting for a clear bottom to "stock" up on more.

    • Buy/Sell/Hold???
      What is the latest NetAsset Value?
      If I've held this stock for 5 years, would I avtually be losing money?

      What are you guys doing?

    • Down to $5.25 and if you believe in momemtum it
      is likely to go lower fairly soon. Tax selling? Fear
      of dividend cut? Definitely the first and
      possibly/probably the second.

      If they do announce a
      dividend cut in December, I would expect FAX to drop like
      a rock. Dividend cuts leads to selling and a lower
      price, which leads to even more tax selling if done in
      December, which might lead to panic selling, getting near
      or below $5 can lead to even more selling.

    • to me. Just pointing out things to think about, no. :=)

    • We appreciate your comments. We have tried to
      make this FAX message board a place where anyone can
      state their opinions and ask simple questions without a
      condescending response to alienate anyone. Certainly different
      opinions are welcomed....cut the attitude, please.

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