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  • steveredlish steveredlish Jan 22, 2007 8:51 PM Flag

    View of Garmin's new store in Chicago

    A store is nice. It helps build first of mind awareness. The people that visit this store will no doubt be impressed. These potential customers are relatively meaningless relative to future sales and earnings. It is, and should be just a small piece of a greater marketing effort aimed at building Garmin as the brand name in GPS. The super bowl ad is another piece. Those who have doubted Garmin's marketing savy should start to feel better. But it is still just marketing. Really great marketing in the absence of a really great product will follow in the footsteps of Popeil's Salad Spinner, Egg Scrambler and Pocket Fisherman.

    I will love seeing Garmin's ad during the Super Bowl ( go Bears). I am long Garmin because my view of their future is dramatically different than the PE wall street is giving them. I sure could be wrong - but if I am the stock is already priced at the streets best guess. If I am right this company is going to move up my retirement date.

    Some of you technical analysts have been incredibly accurate. It's kind of scary to see your projection that January is going to be a bad month actually come true.

    I am sure it is more than just luck. I also know that if I buy and hold I don't have to worry about getting back in on a correction that never happens.

    Good luck to all! This is a terrific board. If you read this Edison, thanks for the tip on battery life.

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    • My 2 cents worth on retail: have a few "Loaner" units. Let the customer sign them out for a hour or two as a demo. Security? Leave your driver' license or a credit card imprint. Bring it back ok - no charge. On our ski hills around here (Vermont) the ski companies do this - similar value ($1000). Works great. After all, who wants to shell out big money for something without a test drive. You could even give them a coupon for $50 if they buy that day.

      If you don't try a GPS and see how it works, you don't realize that without one, life is just not worth living.

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