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  • onefartsmeller onefartsmeller Oct 30, 2013 4:28 PM Flag

    typical Garmin

    As a long time Garmin investor I am always amazed by the stock actions on earnings day. At this point I really shouldn't be because it has been like this for years and years. Garmin reports a miss and the stock will get decimated. They report good earnings and it doesn't move the needle. It sits stagnant for months and then out of nowhere it will begin to climb or fall based on nothing apparent.
    Today was just another one of those days. An earnings beat, higher guidance, and yawn....nothing.
    I'm happy to be getting my quarterly dividend.

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    • NFLX, AAPL, GRMN all popped on earnings day and closed down.
      I think we're at a market top, but then I said that a year ago.
      Garmin pays a good dividend and hasn't gone up very much,
      So I think its correction will be very mild.
      But all of the restaurant stocks, NFLX, TSLA have huge price gains.
      Those stocks aren't falling only because funds are waiting until January to take capital gains.
      The 2014 correction will be sharp and short as a lot of side money that missed this bull market gets in.

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      • Edison, good to hear from you. Thought we might have lost you there. Hope all has been well. The rising tide has indeed lifted all ships, even mine. Nice to get back to even. I continue to hold a pretty good jag of Garmin, also significant positions in Maxwell and Iridium. Much more diversified than I used to be.. Ford, Northwest Pipe, 3M, Bank of America, Cisco, Nucor, RIG, TD Bank, Siemans. You?

    • Well, for the last 4 yrs that's all its done. Pay a dividend. I haven't owned very long and I'm going to get out. Looking for green on a red day and this ain't it. I'd rather see that dividend go to earnings and raise stock price. Too many other places to go and make money.

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