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  • napavalleycompany napavalleycompany Sep 19, 2001 9:17 PM Flag

    Give him his due

    sw69 called this and no one here believed him
    Are we fools or what, mefam4, ogtfee who is eating crow now. this short call from mid july
    was a great strategy. I guess he, she, it nailed the call. using the short left the longs not only holding their shorts but the rest of the dirty laundry as well. Perhaps fibbonaci won this round. I'm glad I caught this short. sw69 called a nine price but was to early in the game but it eventually got there and an eight dip today was certainly bice for shorts. Goes to show you earnings don't mean squat, analysts reports are crap the fool in investor relations does not know his head from a hole in the ground and who cares what the company does
    it is just a bet. Those who claim it is pond scum to trade short in this market must be new to this board because sw69 has been hitting the short and this board since june as far as I can tell. Someone has to be making money in this market.

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    • If sw69 could predict a massive terrorist attack and the resulting fall of stock prices then I'm sure the FBI would want to speak with him. Many stocks have lost ground the last few days not just EEFT. To say that a prediction from July means anything today ludicrous.

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