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  • stockwatch69 stockwatch69 Sep 20, 2001 6:59 PM Flag


    So where is all the hype now? MEFAM I got the shorts on and guess what there are two big hairy balls in them. You still slurping up that tripe from McCrory in the I/R dept you are
    dumber than I thought. Bring it on chumps
    where is the tough talk now. Where is
    HBW now with their pie in the sky valuations
    where is all the new money. I've got one more clue for you, anyone want to play? Possibly not because you are getting nervous. MEFAM
    bring in your buddies tell them it "is the time to buy" what crap. What's the one thing the market is not woken up to yet.....hmmmm
    Hint: When Bush goes on TV tonight he is going to use the words war, defense, at any cost
    and collateral damage. Companies doing business in the middle east are going to get bombed back to the ice age and utter chaos
    for companies doing business there.

    BOO HOO you are breakin' my heart.

    Napa you are to slow on the uptake. but glad you got in on the shorts

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    • This is a short squeeze.
      The shorts are losing money.
      They have covered as high as 13.90

    • You are truely the MAN stockwatch69. I can tell that you are a superior investor and monitor all the companies you invest in and have infinate knowledge of all their operations. Congratulations on your 50 cent profit. I bet the guys you are ridiculing are embarrased that they bought in at 2 and now it is 8.50 when they could have bought at 8.5 and sold at 9! What fools they are! FYI McCroy left the IR department 3 months ago. I want you to know that I am leaving my shares in street name so you can short this bad boy some more. I encourage everyone else to do the same. The only down side I see, is that we will ultimately be supporting you on medicaid, that is if you don't already qualify!

    • Give it a break. We should king you no more than a grasshopper that gets get by a stupid race car driver out at the Kansas Speedway and thus "wins" the race.
      You don't know anything about this company. And even if you did you had nothing to do with the stock going down.

      What did you short the stock? One hundred shares, 200, 5000? Well that didn't do anything. The people that shorted the stock over the last week have shorted it to the tune of 300,000 shares. You and all of our Sweet Vermouth Manhattans can't convince me or any of these readers that you "called" this. If you recall you "called" for shorting the stock on June 29th, the stock closed at $8.95 on that day. Today after a week of hard bashing it finally closed at $8.50. YOU HAVE MADE $0.45 in almost 3 months. I know many folks that "lighten up" at $13 & 14, they look a hell of a lot smarter than you. By the way, they and I have been buying the last few days, let us see who really is going to make any money.

      Get over it, the 15 minutes you hoped for are worth all of $4.50 on the 100 shares you shorted on June 29th (unless, as is probably the case the $305 dollars you lost when you finally covered at $13 and then blew chunks at some low life speedway bar that night.

      Way to go king, now tell me where the stock will be on 12/31. I am willing to say that it will be $16 then!!!!

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