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  • stockwatch69 stockwatch69 Oct 19, 2001 12:07 PM Flag

    No 14 support

    Like I said, no support for this stock at 14.00
    High peak, middling trough. For those whom are uneducated. This is the strike when people hit the sell button or short,
    Poor Poor mefam. Hmmm, I think some people
    forget there are to sides to a stock higher or lower. When its higher your rosy comments
    think you are kings of the world. When you are wrong you can only blame those people whom are right. It works both ways. Dummies. Any novice trader can tell you that. Goes to further a point. Who cares about fundamentals
    andw hat the company does, it is a bet. Somedays your right somedays your wrong.
    Get that wiff!!! that smell is you longs crapping in your drawers. Confidence lost
    gotta work that second job flipping burgers.
    or working the late shift at best buy.
    So you can get an extra 10% off that Britney Spears DVD which you use for spank material

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