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  • stockwatch69 stockwatch69 Jul 2, 2001 6:52 PM Flag

    Well Well

    It seems you only picked the stock that went up 60+ percent as opposed to the one that went up 300% EPIQ. MEFAM OGTFEE, I gotta tell ya
    you bought this hook line and sinker. That blowhard in the investor relations department has oiled you big time. What in your right mind would lead you to a company like this with no earnings. Still haven't learned your
    lesson from, 360net heck even HP
    and QCOM. Earnings baby Earnings. Where is the research from the big houses. HOAK Breedlove??? sounds like a SOES bucketshop.
    Yes, I know the broker lingo better than most
    This stock does not hunt.

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    • You asked "FX is fluctuating everyday. Right now the dollar is very strong. That is good and that is bad. As soon as you answer why it is good and why it is bad, I will give the real answer."

      Nobody ever answered, I will give it a try.

      Well as you probably know, the dollar is no longer that strong- it has backed up quite a bit in the past few weeks. Last I saw it was traded at about .9150 Dollars to the Euro. A few weeks ago it only took about .85 Dollars to get 1 Euro.

      But back to the question how was the exchange rate good and bad for Euronet. While the Dollar was strong it was good for the company because it made their debt cheaper. The companies debt, for the most part, is in German marks. The Mark is now tied to the Euro. As the Euro has weakened, the debt of the company has gone down. That would be meaningless over the long haul if the debt stayed in place, because at some point (which is happening now) the currency will change and they will give those gains back. But that is not what happened. If you listen to the quarterly conference call and look at the most recent 10-Q, you will see that the company has gotten rid of almost half of their debt. That has helped them lock in a huge amount of those fx gains. The debt is gone the gain stays and the currency has no effect in the future.

      On the other side, the weaker dollar has hurt reported revenues. If the Euro is weaker the sales made in Euros is translated into less Dollars on the balance sheet. With the Euro getting stronger, the Dollar revenue will be higher and the profit will be larger.

      Oh, how the worm turns.

      Ogtfee, how did I do?

    • The only thing that matters to me, is that I bought the stock at 2 bucks a share, and now it's at 11. Analyze that all you want to, but if I do my math right, it's over a 400% profit. I don't care if it goes down anymore, cause I jumped ship at 11.40 a share.

    • Ogtfee,

      Thanks for your excellent post.


    • ogtfee, don't let old 69 get so hot. We are the ones laughing all the way to the bank on this thing. Sorry about his job but if he is that good, another was waiting on him. If not he is probably hanging around the boards all day trying to cause trouble. Tell me, Hasn't the American Century deal options expired like the other early 2000 financing options? I know the option price was high enough that the others went un-exercised. As far as DST/Mike Brown line of credit, I don't think that was ever drawn do you know of any draws? And 69 is pushing it if he calls PERSONALLY GUARANTEEING a company bond with other assets a LOAN? I think a loan involves a bit more! Like repayment of interest and principle. This currency thing is very interesting in that some of the bond holders have converted to stock, at a high price, because of the strong $. The only green on my screen today is EEFT and I am glad I own it. Don't plan to sell at 25 unless that is after a coupe splits!

    • SW 69,

      Riddle me this.

      What company was at $4/share at the start of the year, $6/share when some Vermouth influenced ex-employee started trashing it on this Board, and closed at $10.25 today? If I got out now, I�d do very well on this stock. However, given the potential earnings that this company will generate, I�m holding onto every share. And that is a ton of Manhattans�

    • Sw69 I called you 69 not Mefam, but then you don't know everything you think you do.

      By the way I am glad you are back, the stock went out the last time you got your assss kicked on this thread. Bring it on.

      I will answer your questions. But you have to play to because I am going to show everyone you don't know everything you think you do.

      The first question I am not going to answer, until you give the reasons you think there are no barriers to entry. You had better be good, because I will smoke you on this one.

      FX is fluctuating everyday. Right now the dollar is very strong. That is good and that is bad. As soon as you answer why it is good and why it is bad, I will give the real answer.
      (Liking your game so far?)

      DST and some of the other original investors have done a line of credit for EEFT. Which has been in all of the companies filings for almost a year. NCR and Diebold (the ATM companies) do seller financing as a normal way of doing business. Try to tell us any "data processing company" that has lent the company money.

      The company did the last 144 sale one year ago with American Century. They put out a press release when they did it. That is old news and already figured in the fully diluted shares. They have not done any other private sale of equity since then, prove me wrong.

      Yes, Mike Brown made lent the company money AND SECURED A BOND THAT FREED UP A BUNCH OF WORKING CAPITAL ( You didn't mention that). I and others on this thread have already applauded him for that and his commitment to this company. Tell me a) how this is bad and b)that since that was in company filings for almost 6 months, that this is news.

      The company will use those terms and many others about the direction of the company. In the end the investors in this stock will be very excited about the companies guidance. Make a real point!

      In my earlier post, the one thing I was wrong about is that you will have to pay $25 for my stock when they go profitable. And then you will drink another Sweet Vermouth Manhattan and wonder why you got so spanked on this thread and this stock.

    • Stock watch, I picked the only stock in post #792 that you gave me the results and time frame for. No conspiracy here, just followed your directions. As far as Krispy Kreeme goes, you must not have bought at the right time or you would have done much better than double, besides I am not all that impressed with their product. I think that is important. You talk about hype, check out "hot donuts sold here" wow, what a concept. Mr. 69 any body can pick winners and say they owned it. The EEFT stockholders have put their money up in support of their belief that EEFT will be one of those winners. If you don't think so...great. It makes a lot of sense to jump on this board and trash talk a stock that has gone up 100% in 6 months. What ever could be your motivation?

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      • You know you may have a point about talking trash, this company and this board are the perfect place to do it. You know you are right
        If hot donuts sold here can make money why can't this dog. You are illogical in your comparison. It sounds soooo easy, YES, no.
        If the only caveat you put on a stock is that you are "impressed" by it you must be the biggest rube in KC. Were you impressed by, 360net, webvan. HMMMM. Your sentiment is misplaced.

    • I do find it interesting that you used EPIQ to make your research point.

      Until very recently, the only firm that covered them was Hoak Breedlove. In fact it is the same analyst. It wasn't until their stock went up and they were going to do a secondary offering that they got the other firms to cover them.

      Regarding Euronet, Nomuro Securities out of London also covers EEFT. In fact, so does Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank. But then, you may not have ever heard of them, nor can you see that from your fancy Yahoo research page.

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      • Hurhop4

        spare my your drivel, I do know that Nomura
        MErrill and Deutsche Bank cover this dog.
        But tell me why none of those reports are published in the US?? Its Deutsche Bank, Not Deutsche Bank Alex Brown its US subsidiary. I have never seen a Merrill Lynch report on this dog in the US!! get your facts straight. Ohh
        to let you other suckers know I heard that this
        woofer will be ranked in the top 100 growing companies in KC by some second rate
        rag. What a joke, not the wall street journal, not fortune. Shows you what a bunch of cowpokes in KC. Earnings, earnings, earnings.

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