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  • mwchingren mwchingren May 8, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    Clarification of Product Debate

    Foremost I just want to again say this new Yahoo Message Board is terrible. I can't seem to follow a logical conversation on here (granted there isn't much that qualifies as logical conversation).

    Anyways, for Cmore, Fgnoms...others educated with an opinion. Can someone lay out again their arguments on both sides of this fence on whether or not Remoxy interferes with Purdue's patents? I see you, fgnoms have continued to question just how Remoxy is actually chemically different than Oxy. Others have seemed ot think it is different, beyond just the delivery method.

    Also-- just to clarify-- someone just posted that there's a patent up through like 2030 on something? My understanding the original Oxycotin patent is indeed now expired. I do agree it's a fun question-- if anyone can now product generic Oxy, why not just work on changing the delivery system vs. a whole new chemical composition.

    Has anyone discussed Remoxy having less 'dependency creating' properties? That may be where Remoxy will cut the mustard as even if NOT abused, Oxy causes a tremendous level of dependency effect.

    Just curiuos...and hoping to restart a discussion thread that can actually be logically followed instead of having 30 different off-shoot posts. Any suggestions on how to keep posts appearing in a linear downward fashion on the page??? Peace.

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    • mw- The following of Remoxy has gone on for years and years. I dropped off and only resurfaced due to the pending Opana decision on Friday which I think should be good for ENDO and bad for Zogenix. As far as the patents, the originals are close to expiration and they are broad and foreseeable cover too many permutations (excipient inclusions) to be able to be further patented. SO 2015 looks like the end of Remoxy as a patented product. There are several other patent applications form Durect and PTIE but they are not issued. Purdue has further patents on the removal of the ABUK impurity in the final product but that seems to only count on the HCL salt and Pfizer uses the base in the Remoxy. Remoxy can be just as abused as OxyContin if not more so. If they are still using SAIB as the main functional excipient then grain alcohol will turn it into a solution in about 5-10minutes. About the same time it takes to put OxyContin in the microwave and destroy the PEO they use.

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