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  • andy.sargent28 andy.sargent28 Oct 23, 2008 1:07 PM Flag

    I like the ReelTime news today. Not Fluff PR IMO


    I believe SOYO issued today's news not because they thought that the pps would sky-rocket. I believe what they are doing is setting the stage for the the upcoming investors conferences.

    Everyone is looking for Honeywell news, but the more I think about the more I am convinced that Honeywell is more of a hindrance than a blessing at this point. With the current economic climate I would hope that they are concentrating more on cheap high-quality SOYOs than with the high-cost, high-price Honeywells.

    Small retailers like us do no know what appeals to brokers, money managers, etc..those who buy big chunks of stock. I believe that they look at the entire package. Today's announcement is the right move directionally because experts in the industry believe that the true long-term survivors will have to offer a lot more than just TVs.

    SOYO is getting on the ground floor of a significant long-term opportunity that could be attractive to bigger investors. As the CEO explained in today's PR:

    .."Part of our HDTV and monitor development and commercialization strategy includes taking advantage of the ongoing convergence of the media market, which includes cable and satellite content providers, the world wide internet and personal computers..."

    Yes, ReelTime is a pink sheet company with little revenues, but I believe their technology is really cool. It took me a while to write this post because I wanted to know first hand if their product is for real. I signed up for it and watched a portion of a movie. The system is very simple and the quality superb.

    No wonder they some real big companies like the ReelTime technology/potential besides SOYO. ReelTime has signed partnerships with LG Sports Marketing, Lightworks NxT and Laguna Productions, Sony Entertainment and Disney.

    The agreement costs SOYO nothing. But if they can sell more TVs this way, I don't have a problem with that. Besides, SOYO has always been strong with the 18 - 35 year old crowd. And new technology appeals to younger generations first. Then eventually all will want to use. Even my mom now knows how to send e-mails and you can't keep her away from her cell phone...and she is 73.

    Realistically, SOYO is currently priced as it it will lose money for the year. But I believe that the company will be profitable for 2008 when the majority of the companies are losing money. I believe SOYO will survive the current economic uncertainty and it will be much stronger going forward. Three years ago the company was losing moneyand they still made it through. It helps a lot that they have a hard-working ethical management.

    If someone wants to sell their SOYO shares at these prices that's fine with me. I said it before and I say it again, I am holding mine until after SOYO moves to the AMEX. Now is that going to take a year or two? No one really knows.

    By the way, you should check-out ReelTime, it is really cool.

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    • WalMart not listed as customer in yesterday's PR because it is the subject fo a separate announcement.

    • Just for the record, Reeltime is a FLUFF company. They've been around for a while, teamed up with many other companies and still only make 41K $/year.

      This partnership will do NOTHING for SOYO. The reason Reeltime doesnt make much money is because theres a company called NETFLIX! Not only does netflix send movies thru mail, they have online downloads.

      This was a FLUFF pr!! Even if SOYO somehow made a deal to get 25% of new revenue, that equals a whopping........ $10k/year!!

      NICE! LOL

    • Hate to disagree with you on this, but the PR today was old news.

      Thats right...your reading a PR from February. Of course, it did not mention any kind of revenue sharing agreement, but those kind of agreements are always hard to value. Seems like ReelTime has no revenue to speak of right now, so who knows.

      What makes ReelTime any different than NetFlix? Why would people choose them over NetFlix?

      Even if they hit it big with ReelTime, nobody is in this thing so they can make a few bucks with this promotion. We want tangible sales...products in shelves, not on websites.

    • Thank you for the post. There is so much garbage on this board that it is rare to find a sane and intelligent post. Yours is one of them.

      If SOYO was a pump and dump as many bashers here say, they would have issued PRs about WalMart USA, and Target now selling SOYO/Honeywell LCD monitors, etc.. That's what small OTCBB companies do. Not SOYO. They are a respectable and solid company which really behaves like a NASDAQ/AMEX/NYS company. That's why I've been buying and accumulating for the long run.

      Now, they may still issue a PR about WalMart. But that may take some time because there are always a lot of lawyers involved in joint PRs. But today's PR is good for the long-term with very little risk for SOYO.