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  • jessicamerser jessicamerser Nov 12, 2008 2:47 PM Flag

    WHat happened to everyone

    Did everyone leave this room because soyo missed their projected revenue? I've been reading posts here for a long time and now all of a sudden, there are no longs here.

    It makes me think that its true when people say that 1 person is responsible for all the "pumping" on this board. What other reason is there that all the longs just left at the same time.

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    • All 30+ pumpers left this board at the same exact moment!
      And whats even more amazing is that as kaftangreg pointed out, they've all moved on to pumping SUTR!


    • lol

      What a surprise, Andy hasn't made a post in a week and for some strange reason, all the other longs have vanished as well. All 30+ longs have stopped posting at the exact same time.....hahaha

    • When you say "all the longs," I think it means one guy.

      Estek_one figured out a while back that most of the pump/spam garbage was posted and replied to by the same IDs on dozens of boards. Sometimes they even pretended not to know each other in order to make the original post more legitimate. And those IDs were the same ones that posted here, up until this PIG $hit the bed yesterday with that BLEAK report. So yes, I believe that most of the "longs" was one pump and dump slimeball, and probably a company insider.