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  • vietnam_vet4ever vietnam_vet4ever May 11, 2007 10:00 AM Flag

    Did Boeing cheat on the CSAR deployability test

    Stillinshock now that you're pointed out iamiamiams short comings, I have never seen you post anything critical of Boeing. At least iamiamiam gave a web page to back up his claims. Why don't you debate the items he just put forth. I also heard that Boeing had alot of problems shoehorning the CH-47 into a C-17. Are you saying that is not a critical shortcoming? Is it Boeing and the Airforce attitude that let's give the contract to Boeing and we'll worry about the details later? That sounds like the A-12 fiasco and many other huge cost overrun contracts. "Let's get the contract first and then we'll worry about it". A sad state of affairs in the procurement process! Give credit to John McCain for digging into this. I truly believe that if Boeing loses the tanker deal, this little contract for some search and rescue helicopters and the attitude of those involved will have played a major role in Boeing not getting it.

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    • Well, you are right, I never post negative about BA or LMT either. I do not find fault with the contractors decisions and never cry foul when a contract is awarded. That may change with NOC and their partner in the tanker competition because I feel strongly about Airbus and their nack for bribery and such and would like to see EADS run without government support (free money) which no manufacturer has.
      Don't want to get into the subsidy issue here thats another chapter that is working out now. As far as documentation is concerned, it is all posted on this message board, there is no lack of reading material if you look. Not going to repost the same articles over again.

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