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  • BiHi__SellLow BiHi__SellLow Jun 27, 2008 6:34 PM Flag

    I LOVE Boeing Executives !!!!!

    Don't worry people, the executives at the top of Boeing will use the hundreds of millions they make in salaries to bail out all the stockholders. And because of the hard times we are facing they will forego their salaries, perks, stock options and give it to Boeing employees. And executives will say they will sacrifice like everyone else in the company. Yes, don't worry, they will help you.

    Unfortunately, so many employees look up to Boeing 'leaders' as gods who are all knowing and geniuses.

    Face it, the 'leaders' of Boeing are just morons like 'leadership' at most other corporations. Dart-throwing monkeys could replace all of those bozos who are making their fat salaries and other compensation at the expense of the hard working employees. The Boeing CEO makes 500 times what a hard working average worker gets. That is obscene.

    But republicans actually believe that one executive is worth 500 human beings. They think executives are gods. They worship them. They think they are visionary. They think executives know everything. But if that were true then would BA have lost 41 dollars per share in such a short time? Hell no! A damned retarded monkey couldn't have done worse than the bozos at the top of Boeing.

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