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  • knight_intarnishedarmor knight_intarnishedarmor Sep 12, 2008 3:44 PM Flag

    More from the Seattl PI

    Taken from the Seattle PI...

    Posted by unregistered user at 9/10/08 9:14 p.m.

    I agree with #178352 above. I worked on the 747 wing line for several years before I had enough of the union leadership rhetoric. I found another job within the company that was non union and am so glad that I made the switch. I have almost tripled my salary since leaving the union because I am REWARDED for my job performance and no longer stuck getting paid based on seniorty. The union is all about seniorty...doesn't matter if you don't do your work or don't do a good job, they get their 50 cent wage increase every 6 months and get their COLA every 3 months. There is no incentive for IAM members to work harder or faster. They actually like working slower because then they get overtime to "catch up" and that's where they make BIG BUCKS! What a racket...

    IAM racket...eering? Sounds like a good fit to me!

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