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  • danieljtimothyhogan danieljtimothyhogan Oct 11, 2008 10:48 AM Flag

    Sucks to be GOP today

    The lesser of 2 evils again!
    Perhaps people will reconcile the facts, that both of these clowns are incumbent( senators ) from a botched system!! They were both financed by multi-billion dollar corporations. They both will continue to outscorce American jobs. They both will increase entitlements for votes. They both wine & dine with pompous ceo's n cfo's. etc I could fill this page up. Perhaps if we were allowed a list of political contributers, we'd find numerous similarities. American Democracy has been hi-jacked by a two party system. Nobody else is even allowed in a debate. This isn't how our founding fathers planned it. They didn't have multi billion dollar corps financing thier campaigns.(& have to adhere to their special interests)

    In order to become a democratic society again, you have to take corporate financing out of politics! You have to remove all lobbyists from the market & politics. You have to enforce laws that apply to the upper eschelon. We the people keep getting canidates from the top 2% of the wealthist people in America. Only money runs only money wins. We are simply getting the biggest spenders! That's not what a democratic society is about! They will continue to enforce strict laws & guidelines for us to follow, leaving themselves exempt from prosecution. All of our financial problems are going to continue till someone is held accountable in a court of law! Washington & their business associates have been pilfering astronomical amounts. You wanna talk about hoarding!!! The whole world is getting p'o'd now. They have become so full of themselves they aren't coherent. Washington & their "rich buddy fail safe system", has become fiscally insane!!!!
    We the people are no longer relevent. No change on the ballot

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