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  • itisanewstage itisanewstage Sep 30, 2008 10:49 AM Flag

    More stupidity by the IAM members

    "These greedy idiots deserve everything they get, or in this case lose. Stupid move to go out on strike at a time like this. I say build the planes in the South. Break the back of the greedy union." any anti-unionist would admit to there being a 'right' time for any union to go out on strike, again:

    These folks are not on strike only because 11% over "8" years (remember, they did not take a raise over the last 5) wasn't good enough. They are on strike in an attempt to keep well compensated jobs in America - yes, jobs that can support a mortgage, higher cost of energy, higher cost of food, higher cost of education, higher cost of medical care, etc - keeping OUR financial system fueled, but folks like you would rather see these jobs disappear for much lower compensated jobs somewhere overseas or somewhere else in the US and comments in this thread pretty much prove that point. The executives stay in the US, ship the jobs overseas to increase their personal portfolios and then spend their money overseas as well. Great to see so many standing up together for the sake of saving this country. Yes, you're correct. It is going to get a lot worse, as planned, by the NWO, Corporate States of AmeriKa, banking elite who are just dying to see this country and it's Constitutional protections of freedom, sovereignty and economic well being come to it's knees - and folks like yourself believe, the people should just bend over and take whatever they bring down. America used to have b**ls - guess the NWO has succeeded in their efforts to castrate. This strike is not about greed for these folks - it's about survival. These well compensated jobs used to be 50K+ strong and they KNOW that shortly after the 787 is up and running, their kids who came online with BA will be laid off permanently and those well compensated jobs will mean nothing as they are dropped to well below 20K. If these folks don't stand together to keep American jobs in America, who the ***k will?...Corporate AmeriKa, Congress, the anti-unionist?...NOT going to happen as each one of those are the TRULY greedy ones in this country - not the ones just trying to survive and keep the compensation and standard of living decent for ALL American workers. If the American people don't stand up together as one, and fast, they are ALL going to be ***ked very shortly in ways they are not going to like or be able to take, to include the ones who currently believe they are exempt from or above it. The NWO has a very nasty agenda in full progress, about to be realized very soon for the American people..count on it. If you're not willing to stand up against it - your only other option is to be very well prepared in ways most do not think about.

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