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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Nov 14, 2012 3:04 AM Flag

    Boeing costs, accounting for pensions, and no profits


    American airline has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcies and its order for 460 aircrafts from Boeing and Airbus is in the hand of bankruptcy court
    Southwest delaying its orders of 30 737 aircraft for four years to conserve capital, Southwest loss $18 million, Southwest blamed the $478 million increase on fuel costs compared to the same quarter last year
    Delta airline and other have delay or cancelled their order for aircrafts for several years (2020

    Boeing Co. is studying different ways to account for pension expenses, which reduced the aerospace company's third-quarter earnings.

    Chief Financial Officer Gregory D. Smith said Tuesday that Boeing is considering several options, including making no change.

    The options under review include changing to mark-to-market accounting, which would take into consideration changes in the value of pension assets and obligations. It could, however, introduce more swings in earnings reports because the current accounting method spreads out gains and losses from assets over several years. This is an accounting act that will pretend to make the 2 billion shortfall less on the Boeing accounting format, but the money is still owed and the pension is underfunded. The bottom line is the story of Boeing will be planted like the 747 and the 787 two plane programs that will never make a dime for the shareholders. Boeing said the production doubled on the 787 that is like saying a cent doubled is 2 cents , true but it still is worthless. Both planes delivered 747 and 787 make nothing and the pension owed , changed to mark to market is still 2 billion. A 787 makes a gross sales of 225 to 250 million , the net is 7.5% per plane but the cost is 32 billion (wikipedia) at 100% so at net prifit of 7.5% on 250 million with less than 1000 planes on order this plane will make no money for the shareholder ever . With 5 747 on order for this year the 2 billion above the original development cost will not make any money. the old 737 is the only real money maker and the 777X is going to be late like the 737max and over budget. Military side of Boeing is going to see less pork and work or profit

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