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  • zevach zevach Nov 21, 2012 8:28 AM Flag

    When Boeing lowers SPEEA members wages and benefits to market average

    Typical exec and wall street thinking. Nothing like a receiving a 10 million dollar bonus and and 8 million dollar pay package + all the perks to set the example of hard times ahead and then ask everyone else to take a pay and benefits cut. McCerny and the BOD have drunk the walls street cool-aid. Ya, I know they are so much smarter than everyone else in the world and you have to pay millions and millions of dollars to these geniuses to run companies and sit on the board of directors. I read about their successes all the time in paper. The most recent being the geniuses at HP and the 30 billion dollar overrun on the 787. These are the tip of the iceberg. Anyone read about the growing pay disparity between those that run companies and those that make companies run? Working together is an empty slogan from the top down. It is not really meant and has no meaning to those at the top. They actually think that reviewing stop light charts gives them insight into how the company is doing. They never question the monumental mistakes they made in the past and they never hold themselves accountable. They want everyone else to "take one for the team" while they continue living high on the hog.

    SPEEA members need to stand up and be counted like in 2000. The young engineers need to realize that their future pay and benefits will be base lined by this offer if it becomes a reality.

    Sentiment: Hold

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