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  • burger_barn burger_barn Nov 19, 2012 1:13 PM Flag

    When Boeing lowers SPEEA members wages and benefits to market average

    What will Boeing do to retain trained workers and attract new ones once they have negotiated engineering and techs to market average wages?

    Why will an engineer or tech remain in the high priced PNW with the rain and cold when they can now get the same wages in Texas, Alabama and other places with a warmer climate.

    Just asking the question.

    According to Boeing SPEEA members are over market in pay and benefits and they insist on bringing us back to market average. Ok. Then what keeps us here?

    Isn't Airbus building a huge plant on the east coast that will required thousands of new employees?

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    • Typical exec and wall street thinking. Nothing like a receiving a 10 million dollar bonus and and 8 million dollar pay package + all the perks to set the example of hard times ahead and then ask everyone else to take a pay and benefits cut. McCerny and the BOD have drunk the walls street cool-aid. Ya, I know they are so much smarter than everyone else in the world and you have to pay millions and millions of dollars to these geniuses to run companies and sit on the board of directors. I read about their successes all the time in paper. The most recent being the geniuses at HP and the 30 billion dollar overrun on the 787. These are the tip of the iceberg. Anyone read about the growing pay disparity between those that run companies and those that make companies run? Working together is an empty slogan from the top down. It is not really meant and has no meaning to those at the top. They actually think that reviewing stop light charts gives them insight into how the company is doing. They never question the monumental mistakes they made in the past and they never hold themselves accountable. They want everyone else to "take one for the team" while they continue living high on the hog.

      SPEEA members need to stand up and be counted like in 2000. The young engineers need to realize that their future pay and benefits will be base lined by this offer if it becomes a reality.

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    • "According to Boeing SPEEA members are over market in pay and benefits ..."

      I know that's what Boeing wants us all to believe, but the data I've seen doesn't support that assertion. I think it's much more likely that they're seeking pay and benefit reductions because they want to use that money to fund a stock buy-back program for the stock holders. Nice. In a conference call with Wall Street analysts a few months ago, BCA's CEO supposedly told the analysts exactly that. For more on the subject, see the article at

    • New college grads are not experience aerospace engineers, but they can learn quickly if they have an experienced aerospace mentor. Experience is the key point for teaching them.

      With the number of experienced Boeing engineers reaching retirement age, there will be less around for teaching them.

      That could be Boeings reasoning for all the outsourcing?

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      • Successful companies know that training is a huge part of becoming a good employee.

        Boeing can hire all the engineers they like but learning the complex Boeing computing and engineering release systems takes years. Learning a particular commodity takes years. Dealing with suppliers takes years of buidling relationships.

        Those of you that feel an engineer is an engineer is an engineer are showing how little you know about aerospace and particularly Boeing.

        Keep opening your mouths and showing your complete ignorance of the subject matter.

    • Boeing has "binders and binders" of qualified job appilcants just wishing, hoping and praying they get the call.

      BTW, many people think the Puget Sound region is one of the best places on earth to live. Personally, I'll take the weather in Puget Sound over Texas and Alabama. One thing that would make Everett a better place is if you were to leave.

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      • au.kingfish,
        agree with you.

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      • From Newsweek: At its worst in September 2009, the unemployment rate for engineers reached 6.4 percent, versus nearly 10 percent for all occupations. By the middle of last year, it had dropped to under 2 percent.

        Job prospects for engineers "are really good, especially for young ones," says Lawrence Jacobson, executive director of the National Society of Professional Engineers in Alexandria, Va. He and other industry watchers see demand across the board, especially in electrical, biomedical, aerospace, computer, automotive, environmental, mechanical, and petroleum engineering.

        Having been on several hiring teams during the last month I can attest that the binders and binders don't turn out to have that many prospects because 1) the vast majority are not qualified for the engineering jobs and 2) the ones that are have already been hired.

        Boeing had to change their hiring process to give managers on the spot authority to hire because they were losing too many good prospects because it took so long for the bureaucracy to process the acceptances.

        Also, Boeing has stopped trying to hire at top tier universities because the offers were not competitive. The new list of "emphasis" schools is mostly second and sometimes third tier. Not to say there are not good people there but they are deliberately trying to get bargains instead of going after the best. That's going to catch up with Boeing eventually.

        It is highly unlikely that Ed Wells would be hired with the current system.

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      • Stop your mouth from jawing unless you are willing to meet up to discuss things with me face to face.

        I mean it. You are a coward and I am saying it as clear as I can. You don't have the guts to stare in my eyes and say the things you do to me face to face.

      • So Mr Mouth-

        Why don't you try and make me leave?

        Friggin board bravery is all you have.

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