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  • stillinshock stillinshock Dec 5, 2012 11:55 AM Flag

    Is it just me

    Or has anyone else noticed how badly this company executes under Jimmy Mac? Maybe Chicago isn't the place for our Headquarters, perhaps somewhere close to the factory. Execution and labor, they seem to be our weakest areas.

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    • Define poor execution?

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      • On 07/87 rollout, I seem to remember Scott Carson telling the world there would be a 30 day delay before first flight. I seem to recall Jimmy Mac stepping up and saying it would be more like 90 days. Come home and run the company from Seattle where you can go down to the factory floor and venture a guess after looking first hand at the product. That to me is poor execution from the very top and that is why we shareholders are paying a price for it in the pps. We are known throughout Wall St. as a company that has to prove they can execute again. I liked the guy who brought the 777 home. That guy had the program running well. I think he has FORD running well at this time. I think Stoney and Phil the Thril were the reasons we went outside this time and that was understandable after their antics, but this guy has left me wanting.

    • Naw, like Stonecipher before him, he’s another acolyte of the Jack Walsh business religion…. er I mean philosophy, that believes anyone with an MBA can manage any business without any real understanding of the actual production process from design to delivery. All you have to do is manage costs, and the profits will just flow in like a river. Doesn’t matter if we’re making airframes or beercans.

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