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  • faithflagfamily faithflagfamily Dec 13, 2012 11:01 AM Flag

    SEIA Congratulates Obama on Re-Election, Praises Administration’s Energy Policy

    The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) today released the following statement from president and CEO Rhone Resch in reaction to President Barack Obama’s re-election for a second term:
    “SEIA congratulates President Barack Obama on his reelection. President Obama has been a tremendous supporter of solar energy and we look forward to continuing to work with the Obama Administration over the next four years.

    “To date, the Obama Administration has created and supported pro-solar policies that have been vital to the success of the industry. Solar installations and jobs have risen dramatically throughout the U.S, while costs have fallen. Today, the solar industry employs more than 119,000 Americans at 5,600 companies, mostly small businesses, across all 50 states – this is more than double the number of Americans working in solar in 2009.

    “Since President Obama took office, the amount of solar powering homes, businesses, and military bases has grown by 400 percent – from 1,100 megawatts in 2008 to more than 5,700 megawatts today. The Administration enacted a policy allowing solar installations for the first time on public lands and set a goal to permit 10 gigawatts of additional renewable energy projects on public lands by the end of 2012, which has been a great driver of this growth. The U.S. now has enough installed solar capacity to power nearly a million households, and 2012 will be another year of record growth for our industry.

    “Policy certainty is crucial to continue the growing role of solar in America’s energy mix. Stable policy frameworks at the federal and state level, including maintaining and expanding commitments to renewable energy initiatives, spur and leverage private sector investments in the solar industry to meet our nation’s future energy needs.

    “As we recover from the recession, America needs plentiful and diverse energy resources, including solar, to power our economy. Solar is clean, reliable, and more affordable than ever. Since the beginning of 2011, the average cost of solar panels has dropped more than 50 percent and the cost of a solar electric system has dropped by more than a third, thanks to innovation, entrepreneurship, and strong federal and state policies leveraging private investment.

    “More than nine out of 10 voters want the U.S. to develop and use more solar power, and the president understands the importance of solar to the American people. The solar industry looks forward to continuing our productive working relationship with the Obama Administration, the incoming 113th Congress, and state legislatures throughout the country to create smart policies that help power our homes and businesses with domestic energy and create jobs across America.”

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    • PV Solar is very interesting. I've done alot of research and they are experiencing the effects of Moore's law which is good news for all Americans. The most exciting thing for me is the breakthrough in the USA whereby we have achieved the ability to print solar cells made of carbon onto thin film. This is a game changer that would give the US the ability to compete with China and India's which have much lower costs than current US solar companies. I can see R&D money going to delelop the nano-stratified carbon design but subsidies given to current solar companies is just corporate welfare and spending tax dollars on technology with a horrible ROI.

    • Of course!

      The price at the pump has been falling despite a recent surge in the stock market...hmmm...?

    • Of course they would! One crook praises another crook! Green Energy Policy has been a total failure...TOTAL ! And it wasn't as if they didn't know it would be a total failure! Spain told Obama they were giving it up having lost real jobs as well as going deep in debt with the policy. Germany told Obama the same thing, and gave it up. It is not profitable! And it won't be profiable for a long, long time. Just another example of the total ignorance the left has on basic ECON 101. So the tax payer is supposed to keep subsidizing this failed policy? Was that your point?

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      • NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of rooftop solar installer SolarCity surged Thursday in their market debut after the offer priced well below its original expectations.

        The stock rose $3.09, or 38.6 percent, to $11.09 in afternoon trading, after reaching as high as $11.35 earlier.

        The San Mateo, Calif., company, started by PayPal founder Elon Musk, cut its expectations for the offer on Wednesday. It issued 11.5 million shares at $8 per share, for proceeds of $92M.

        SolarCity offers homeowners a "solar lease" that allows them to pay for the panels and electricity that they generate over time, often for less than it would cost to buy electricity from a local utility.

        The company has been growing quickly, aided by a huge decline in the price of solar panels. While that has crushed solar panel makers' profits, lower prices have also boosted installers' prospects by allowing them to sell solar-generated electricity cheaper than grid power with no upfront investment.

      • gave it up

        What an unbelievably ignorant post. Germany increased their alternate energy from about 6% fairly recently to about 25% today.

      • If green energy is such a failutre, why has Hawaii produced so much electricity from solar that is is in danger of overloading their power grid?
        and why are so many corporations including solar and wind generators as part of their energy plan?

        Your Water's On Fire But A Corporate Flunky (sayfu32) Will Drink It Anyway If So Instructed
        Look Ma No Cancer (Yet): As sleazily entertaining proof that Halliburton and other fracking enthusiasts are stepping up their p.r. efforts, we have the gas and oil conference earlier this month where Halliburton CEO Dave Lesar had an underling drink CleanStim, a fracking fluid, to prove how benign it is. Umm, okay. Fracking fluids contain chemicals and additives that these guys keep secret, but what's known is already a laundry list of known carcinogenics. To understand what they're doing, here's The Fracking Song to explain it:


        Fracking is a form of natural gas drilling
        An alternative to oil cause the oil kept spilling
        Bringing jobs to small towns so everybody’s willing
        People turn on their lights and the drillers make a killing

        Water goes into the pipe, the pipe into the ground
        The pressure creates fissures 7,000 feet down
        The cracks release the gas that powers your town
        That well is fracked….. Yeah totally fracked

        But there’s more in the water than just H2O
        Toxic chemicals help to make the fluid flow
        With names like benzene and formaldehyde
        You better keep ‘em far away from the water supply

        The drillers say the fissures are a mile below
        The groundwater pumped into American homes
        But don’t tell it to the residents of Sublette Wy-O
        That water’s fracked…. We’re talking Benzene…

        What the frack is going on with all this fracking going on
        I think we need some facts to come to light
        I know we want our energy but nothing ever comes for free
        I think my water’s on fire tonight

        So it all goes back to 2005
        Bush said gas drillers didn’t have to comply
        with the Safe Drinking Water Act, before too long
        It was “frack, baby, frack” until the break of dawn.

        With the EPA out it was up to the states
        But they didn’t have the money to investigate
        Sick people couldn’t prove fracking was to blame
        All the while water wells were going up in flames

        Cause it’s hard to contain all the methane released
        It can get into the air, it can get into the streams.
        It’s a greenhouse gas, worse than CO2
        Fracking done wrong could lead to climate change too

        Now it’s not that drillers should never be fracking
        But the current regulation is severely lacking
        Reduce the toxins, contain the gas and wastewater
        And the people won’t get sick and the planet won’t get hotter

        What the frack is going on with all this fracking going on
        I think we need some facts to come to light

        I know we want our energy but nothing ever comes for free
        I think my water’s on fire tonight

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