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  • tcmoiba tcmoiba Jan 6, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    McConnell questions Sen Hagel qualifications and past opinions

    Sen Hagel received two PH and an Arcom as an Infantry sqaud leader for the 9th ID, and his qualifications are being questioned by the snarkiest POS in the senate. This goes along with Sen Kerry's nomination for Sec State where the swiftboaters are still calling his service and PHs 'bogus'.
    These two Decorated Veterans deserve better than to have some ChickenHawk wannabee Question the sacrifices made for our Country.

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    • tcm,

      Any nominee deserves respect as well as has to answer questions. There have been questions raised regarding Hagel's views towards Israel and Iran. I want to know what is the substance of his views. Perhaps Obama might even learn something about his nominee. I don't care solely about his education or military citations, though, as you point out, they seem exemplary. Let the review process proceed. Those that might denigrate a qualified candidate, especially with the liberal bias of the media, will be repudiated. And, with a Democrat controlled Senate, Obama's candidate would have to be an obvious loser to not be confirmed.


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      • BB, very good point and I agree that all candidates should go before congress and receive a prompt vote. My point was more toward M.Mc's policy of not supporting ANYthing or ANYone that Mr Obama proposes, including Sen. Hagel. Isn't anyone good enough for some bypartisan support...?
        From what I know the Secdef takes directions from the President and carries out policy and does not make policy.
        I would think that an decorated Combat Infantry Sgt would know something about force protection, deployment requirements compared to missions and about the needed logistics. He probably also would understand all the hardships of deployment, medical and other needs for families and wounded and the deceased and for deployed troops and have positive his influence in procurements and future systems.

    • Sen Hagel (R) should question
      the limpy-wristed
      Sen McConnells (R) qualifications
      then beat him into pulp


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      • It is correct to question any candidate to a certain degree, but without implying that somehow past experience, unless it is criminal, disqualifies that candidate. And in defense of Rumsfeld, which I dislike doing, when he said he had to fight with the troops we have, not the ones we wish we had, he wasn't saying anything bad about the quality of troops we had but rather complaining that the quantity was less than many officers and remfs would like to have had. Many veterans come away from war with a strong distaste for it and few would be less qualified to make statements for finding almost any alternative to it. As has been pointed out, many who clamor for war are those who know full well that that hard part will be done by someone else.

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    • Would you appoint an anti-war far out kooky leftist that threw away his war medals as Sec. of State?
      What side would you expect him to be on? Libs forever, have appointed unqualified people for the job. It is an earmark of the party. The only qualification they need is to be a leftist, a liberal idealog.

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      • BTW Joe, I too thru away my pictures from those times along with all memoribilia and my original Ribbons in the mid 70's ( shortly after leaving WRAH) because when I had displayed them or tried to show the pictures , no one cared and comments about Veterans, disabillities and War were dispagering and Veterans were not popular. Kind of like the thumping chest Repubes and their sending this generation's Warriors to the bushJr wars yet cutting VA and Veteran support now . Disgraceful IMHO...
        Come on Joe, tell us one of your War stories or opinions on my comments, I'm waiting. Funny how so many of You BA Repube posters seem to lack this qualification..Your casual comments insult many, including me and we (mediocre class) wont roll over for this anymore...

      • Another qoute from Rummy, " in 6 weeks or 6 months at most"... #$%$ wannabee pogue.
        Maybe having actual Combat Veterans in the SoS and SoD jobs will change priorties from B2/F35 huge spendings programs on unneeded systems and finally focus to supply up-armored vehicles, proper body armor, troop rotations/DRAFTs , no more needs for stop loss program etc, (You know what I'm talking about, things for the grunts/"midiocre class" Americans' need that actually do the FIGHTING and DYING, not for/from some POGUE Rear echelon CommanDoes or to support Corporate welfare) instead of worring about no bid contracts for pukes like Chenney that moved his HAL to the UAE to avoid American taxes.

      • Much better than a sec State that insults his troops ("we have to fight with the troops we have, not the ones we wish we had" Quote from Rummy) or one that casually puts them in harm's way w/o proper support-Rules of Engagement or equipment and doesn't support the VA needs of the Soldiers he has had wounded from these bad decisions. ( caused by the lack of understanding from NOT having had ACTUAL COMBAT EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
        There are the many/most that disdain wars that have actually been in one, but there are entire masses from certain parties ( read REpubes) that support wars casually that have never seen or smelled one. But I hear they stayed in a Holiday inn once so that must make them more qualified then those that actually did the deeds.

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