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  • pay4ityourself pay4ityourself Jan 8, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

    Lessons In Government School Indoctrination


    This really has to be seen to be believed ….but yahoo won't let me post the page or link to it. It's a page out of a workbook for your government school student. What school and what schoolbook I can’t tell you … maybe the lady who sent this to Boortz will step forward and let us know.

    This is how our government schools – and the liberals who run them – effectively brainwash (though indoctrinate is a much more polite word) our children into accepting the liberal philosophy as basic truth. This particular worksheet is meant to help your government student “understand the distributive property.” Now I’m not a dreary slouch at math … but this is the first time in my life I’ve ever heard of the distributive property. I strongly suspect that pretty much any student can move through school to a very successful life as a productive adult without ever having heard those words. Really … look at this Bolshoi. “6 groups of (3+5) = 6 groups of 3 + 6 groups of 5” I challenge any government school teacher to call the show today and tell me why this is important. What’s important is that the student be able to figure out what 3+5 equals (8) and that 6x8 = 48.

    That, as you have guessed if you’ve looked at the picture, isn’t the real problem here. The problem is HOW this government school document teaches the lesson. The headline at the top of the document reads “Distribute the Wealth.” And there you have the picture of the pretty little girl with the cute little pony tail. She’s holding a bag of money in one hand, and giving away some of that money with the other. Yes! She’s distributing her wealth! But if you study the picture you’ll see there’s an even more subtle message. She’s not handing money away from her wallet or her purse. No! That wouldn’t get the real message across! Why pretty much every little girl has a wallet or a purse. No .. this little sweetheart has a BAG of money! Not every little girl has BAGS of money … so this girl must be really RICH! And since she’s rich her money needs to be redistributed! So she’s being a good little rich girl and she’s smiling as she hands her money away.

    This doesn’t happen by accident. There was a lot of thought put into the wording and the image on this math workbook page … here is a chance to use a math lesson to teach wealth redistribution. This is what happens when you turn the education of your child over to a government education establishment controlled and staffed (with a few exceptions) by Democrats and liberals.

    We’ve seen this before. Ten years ago someone faxed me a copy of a page out of their child’s government school workbook. This one came from Harcourt Brace School Publishers. The title of the page was “Rights & Wrongs.” This workbook page purports to teach a lesson about The Bill of Rights.

    In the lead paragraph you will read “These first ten amendments to the Constitution state simply and clearly citizens rights that the government cannot take away.” So far so goodl Harcourt Brace got that much right. The Bill of Rights does, indeed, set forth the people’s rights, not government rights. But then you get to the Second Amendment. Uh oh. That’s the one that says protects our right to keep and bear arms. Here’s how that particular entry reads:

    “The Second Amendment - says that states may enlist citizens for a trained militia [army] and provide and train them with weapons.”

    Really? Is the word “enlist” in the Second Amendment? How about the words “provide” or “train?” You know what this is all about --- once again this is the leftist Democrats and liberals who run our government schools using the classroom to indoctrinate, not educate. This lesson for your child was designed to make sure that no child could possibly come away from class that day thinking that the Second Amendment guarantees anyone’s right to keep and bear arms.

    The most widespread form of child abuse in America is the act of sending your precious child off to the government to be educated by government agents in government institutions.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Pay4It,

      As you may remember, the "distributive" property as taught in basic math is necessary to help set the stage for studying and understanding algebra and solving for unknowns, which then sets the stage for trigonometry and calculus. Say that 3 is replaced by "a" and 5 replaced by "b", then your original equation would be:

      6 x (a + b) = 6a + 6b = 48

      The algebra student would then have to have another equation involving "a" and/or "b" in order to resolve their individual values. It is the distributive property that helps us to set that up. A separate equation for establishing the individual values might be 5a = 3b, also equally expressed as 3b - 5a = 0. With algebra, we can perform a subtraction of the left and right parts of both equations, but since we are trying to solve one variable at a time, we make either the "a" or "b" variable quantity equal between the two equations in order to eliminate one of the variables. We choose to make the "b" variable equal, thus:

      2 x (3b - 5a) = 6b - 10a = 2 x (0), and then subtract the two equations to allow us to isolate “a” as a variable:

      (6a + 6b) - (6b - 10a) = 6a + 6b + (- 6b) + 10a = 48 - 0

      then applying the "associative" property:

      (6a + 10a) + (6b - 6b) = 48

      6a + 10a = 16a = 48; therefore a = 3, and that then allows us to solve for “b” in either of the two equations

      The "distributive" property is not inherently a "social" contamination of math. It was defined, along with the "commutative" property way before welfare and socialism were even conceived (like 1814 by French mathematician Francois Joseph Servois). The "associative" property was defined around 1914 by W. R. Hamilton. The example using bags of money and the name of the worksheet “Distribute the Wealth” is cynical, I would admit. Is it calculating? Hmmm.


    • pay4 you are living in the 16th century- try to start your sessions of cogitation about political, economical, educational and philosophy with an open mind- where you do your own thinking without input from the radical right or your friends and relatives who must be living in the 7th century. As it is you are merely a parrot for these RWNJ entities and their philosophies. "Government Schooling" is your attack monitor against people who are schooled in the public domain by govt sponsored educational facilities and their great danger to skrewballs like you is they are educated to think with an open mind. Thus they have taken up ideas like taxation of the people to pay for government expenditure and they recognize that government has its place (ie the military, highways, general infrastructure and education). These people are aware of the fact that our government is elected by us and the skrewballs that have to have their own private armories to be prepared for overthrow of a presumably dictatorial regieme are just that skrewballs. Dangerous skrewballs who need to be investigated, jailed in many cases and kept under strict control. I take it you haven't benefited from government education and likely haven't had more than a couple years of gradeschool by the looks of your ideas so you might start to ask yourself why you are so different from everybody else in the country

    • And the Chain of Lies grows by yet another link...
      Why should anyone automatically believe "Boortz", whatever that is?

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