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  • boulmichone boulmichone Jan 16, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

    The system is the problem

    I am not a pilot but have come across many nightmares over the years with this new theory of "clean slate development" and "global sourcing". For years, American companies built upon the knowledge and experienced gained building other products to build new and improved products. They never started from "scratch". Also, the bigger more scuccessful companies were vertically integrated and built products under close supervison using known trusted local vendors if necessary. Boeing through all this to the wind abandoning sound and proven methods, if expensive ones, for "fresh new ones" and relentlessly outsourced globally based on cost containment versus quality. We now see the results. Estimates are that this plane conservatively has taken twice as long and cost twice as much as using the old tried and true methodoligies. I believe it to be several times this and mounting.

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