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  • wburgess8721 wburgess8721 Jan 17, 2013 11:19 AM Flag

    Batteries can be damaged in transit.(Japan) build them in house.

    Alternators on the plane could have China knockoff parts Diodes that change a/c to d/c which will damage the batteries during charging by bleeding a/c in to the battery. but i suspect a damaged (dropped) batch of batteries.lets see if i am right.Solution 1. build you own Lithium-ion batteries in house Lithium-ion batteries made nearby .Batteries on any passenger plane should be incased in a fire proof box as any battery can cause a fire this plane does have this box. All planes/autos have Batteries, some are lead acid which can as you know when discharging produce hyrogen.

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    • To my knowledge they are already in an enclosed compartment. Normally LiIon batteries or any component that contains Li-Ion including pcs cannot be shipped by air, I believe. They took extreme measure to design the stuff and still Infant Mortality. Short sellers will have a field day and I am sure Hedge Fund short sellers are more interested in this than the FAA... LOL

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