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  • leftwinggunowner leftwinggunowner Jan 19, 2013 9:12 AM Flag

    Dreamliner nighmare was due to poor company leadership


    St Louis (McD Douglas) and Seal Beach (Rockwell) execs have been running Boeing Commercial and Defense for approximately 20 years and almost unversally lack fundamental aviation knowledge, technical grounding, and more importantly a love for airplanes that was evident with the old Seattle-based side of Boeing. These execs have made financially costly and embarrassing blunder after blunder and the rush to replace the 35 plus year old 767 design with a 787 that is less fuel efficient, weighs 40% more and uses a risky unproven supply chain was an abject failure. If one were to look at the "aviation" projects they've led, you'll see a dismal track record:

    F-22 -- Loss to Lockheed
    F-35 -- Loss to Lockheed
    Unmanned vehicles -- Failures across the board, failure to recognize market, failed products
    Unmanned combat air vehicles -- Failures across the board, failure to win important DARPA projects
    Osprey -- Engineering nighmares
    Advanced transport aircraft -- Loss to Lockheed

    It's time for Boeing Seattle to "repossess" its company, fire the Rockwell and McD Douglas non-performers who have undermined the company turning it into the laughing stock within aviation circles.

    Boeing Commercial now has a leader who grew up around airplanes, has that love for airplanes (the Seattle culture) , and hopefully will be instrumental in changing the company culture back to one that is based around airplanes and great designs.

    For now the company leadership get a D- and the stock is a sell, sell, sell.

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    • Hmm, just for a quick exercise, the 787 weighs about 10% more than the 767. I think you would be surprised about how many of the parts are made here. Instead of your denigrating remarks about the
      Boeing company, maybe you could focus on the many, and I do mean many, successful ventures they
      have completed. Or are you just some disgruntled, fired employee who has an ax to grind? HarHar!

    • You forgot the 717 remember that one! It would be time to short this thing if it weren't for the stock manipulation. In the short run they can make the stock cost whatever they want. Be careful!

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