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  • phantomfield phantomfield Jan 19, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    Can Boeing Trust SPEEA

    SPEEA offered to
    help Boeing resolve
    its nightmare problem
    with the 787. How can
    Boeing trust SPEEA
    when at the same time
    SPEEA is planning for
    a strike against Boeing
    that will severely damage
    the company. Can you
    trust someone who wants
    to hurt you? Isn't this a
    case of with friends like
    SPEEA who needs

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    • Can Boeing trust SPEEA? That's a laugh. You've got it backward MB. The question really is, can SPEEA and the employees it represents trust Boeing?

      Scientists, engineers, physicists, chemists and technicians are people who, by virtue of their personality type, aren't militant or prone to striking. So the question is this. What's going on at Boeing that may cause those very people to walk off the job en mass and go on strike. Here's the answer. At a time when the company's business climate has probably never been better (new all-time records for orders, deliveries, revenue and profit almost every quarter), at a time when we literally can't build the airplanes fast enough and the company is showering the executives with massive bonuses and salary increases, they want to bend us over a barrel and rape us.

      Put the blame where it belongs MB, on Boeing Corporate and its overpaid executives, the very people who are directly responsible for the 787 being three years late and billions of dollars over-budget. I and an entire army of engineers tried repeatedly to tell them that their global outsourcing business model was fraught with enormous risk and had virtually no chance of success, but it's not what they wanted to hear so they ignored every warning they were given. They created this mess, now they can lie in it.

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