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  • econprofhked econprofhked Jan 22, 2013 12:50 PM Flag

    The Economic Ignorance of Liberals on this Board is Hilarious


    Not even the archaic and disproved theory of Keynesian economics advocate overwhelming debt.

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    • Not even at a 3rd grade level which is a big reason Romney lost the election. When Obama told the big lie over and over again. "He (Romney) wants to return us to the policies that got us in trouble in the first place." That was a big lie, and Romney needed to take Obama to task on that false statement, and many false statements that Obama made. It is big govt spending that is getting us into trouble taking more, and more disposable income out of the private sector that creates investments, new businesses, money spent supporting private businesses that pay taxes, creates jobs. All capitalist thinking that made the USA the greatest country in the world, and capitalism our anti-capitalist President portrays as the problem.

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      • So many conservatives are anti-government while spending long careers drawing paychecks from the taxpayers?. Why also do conservatives "bash government largesse while seeking as much of it as they can get for their constituents and friendly interest groups?"

        Why do conservatives criticize entitlements and big government yet promise their older, conservative base they will "never, ever to cut their Medicare or Social Security?"

        And what about defense? Why do Republicans support the free market yet refuse to consider any cuts at all in the bloated Military Industrial Complex that takes taxpayer dollars and transforms them into private profits.

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