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  • shep21998 shep21998 Feb 1, 2013 7:19 AM Flag

    I see the greedy union engineers are going to strike

    At a time when BA is struggling to find the problem with batteries, the engineers are going to strike. I hope they all choke on their steak tonight and some new ones get hired. There are lots of people in this country who need jobs, and I am sure those BA engineers make great salaries, and the union as true to its colors always wants to strike at a time when it will hurt the most. Well, I hope the #$%$ rot.

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    • You really are a clueless dolt. If you're looking for greed, you're looking in the wrong place. You might want to take a look at Boeing Corporate in Chicago, specifically at its executives with their bloated compensation packages. THAT'S where the greed's at. It certainly isn't with Boeing's engineers or techs.

      About us going on strike ... And you've reached that conclusion how? Ballots haven't even been mailed yet. Good one there professor.

      "I hope ... some new ones get hired. There are lots of people in this country who need jobs ..." And how many of those people are degreed engineers? Answer: Not many Engineering is a very academically demanding field of study and the washout rate is typically in the 75% to 80% range. There aren't nearly enough engineers in the world presently available to replace us (you're going to need about 15,500) and many of those who are available don't have the necessary experience or expertise. Also, if SPEEA strikes it'll be a federally protected strike which means that we can't be permanently replaced.

    • I don't understand your point. Great salaries for engineers? Do you confuse that with management's excessive payment, bonuses, luxury etc.?

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