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    here was a school shooting in Atlanta yesterday.

    Oh! You didn’t hear about it? Actually, that’s understandable. First, the young man who was shot was released last evening from the hospital. That’s good news. But there are other elements to this story that disqualified it for frenzied media coverage, especially by the elements of the media dedicated to supporting our skeet-shooting president’s attack on the Second Amendment.

    Let’s make a list.

    First – the shooter at the Price Middle School was apprehended by an armed school resource officer. Did you get that word “armed?” That’s right! There was an official in that school with a gun. That leaves you to wonder just who is making more sense here: Homeland Secretary Janet Napolitano and her promotion of scissors as a defense against workplace (and presumably school) shooters? Or NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre who has suggested armed law enforcement in our government schools?

    While we’re at it here … has anyone ever heard of a school or workplace shooting being stopped by someone with scissors? The Democrats antipathy toward guns and people being armed for self-defense is so intense that our esteemed Homeland Security Agency will not even acknowledge that firearms can be a useful tool for protecting yourself from an armed attacker. And while we’re on the subject … there have been at least three incidents where an armed civilian has stopped a school shooting. The Price Middle School shooting would have made it four, but we can’t count a school resource officer as a civilian.

    Background check? The shooter here underwent no background check. It would seem that he got that gun on the streets just as most gang-banging thugs do. Any new Democrat proposals for background checks would have had no affect on this incident.

    Large capacity magazine? Forget it. The gun used was a small caliber pistol without a large capacity magazine. Again, the new proposed laws would have made no difference.

    Assault weapon? I guess we’ll have to ask Senator Diane Feinstein here. She seems to be the official go-to Democrat in defining assault weapons. Somehow, though, I don’t think a small-caliber rather ordinary looking pistol would qualify.

    I’m certain that as soon as the news broke yesterday that there had been a school shooting in Atlanta the left went into overdrive preparing to exploit the situation for their own anti-Second Amendment goals. Imagine the disappointment when they learned that an adult with a gun in that school might – there’s no certainty – but might have saved some lives.

    Know this though … the left is waiting anxiously for the next multiple shooting, While they wait there will be innumerable episodes where armed private citizens protect themselves and others from predators. Those stories hurt the liberal agenda, so they will be largely ignored.

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