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  • imshockedshocked imshockedshocked Feb 11, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

    The Graham Cracker

    Chuck Hagel is a decorated combat veteran who went to the sound of the guns in defense of his country. Lindsey Graham was an Air Force lawyer who never got near the sound of the guns. As a member of the South Carolina Air National Guard Lindsey was called up during the first Gulf War,. His duties “included briefing pilots on the law of armed conflict, preparing legal documents for deploying troops, and providing legal services for family members of the South Carolina Air National Guard. ” His service never took him out of South Carolina.
    Lindsey boastfully claims in his bio that he has been to war but the truth is he is a shyster phony.”

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    • Ya just gotta love the way liberals substitute name calling and insults for intellectual dialog.

      It's like a neon sigh flashing "I'm too stupid to come up with anything that makes sense so in my frustration I'll just call people names instead."

      Thanks're a monument to socialized government education.

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      • Lindsey Graham to President Bush - Yea its hard being in the military when all i do all day is move papers, play golf and think of my bright legal future when I get the far away from here.

        Bush to Lindsey - I know what you mean. My old man had to really work hard to get me in the Texas Air National Guard. They wanted to send my behind to Vietnam, but I say no way. I'd hide in Canada if that happened/

        Lindsy to Bush - Yea I should of done that but if you do that in South Carolina they brand you a pinky Democrat. No way I could live with that. By the way President Bush, how many days did you serve in the Texas Air National Guard?

        Bush to Lindsey - Oh about 30 days. Most of my time was spent off base, drinking, chasing women and spending my old man's millions..Hey it paid off - I got to be president off my old man's coat tails and even was a partner of the Texas Rangers using my old man's oil money.

        Man those were the good old days. Fight for your country but never show up for duty.

    • Yep - chicken Hawk. Bush had a ton of them. Guys who never were in the military but really enjoyed playing soldier when they were eight years old. That in a nut shell is one of the big problems with the Republican party. They want to spend trillions on defense, but cut the legs out from under senior citizens, those on social security, those who need cost of living increases to get by as gasoline prices head back to $4 a gallon.

      Chaney, Romney, Karl Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice, and Graham Cracker all chicken hawks and the real reason the United States has a 17 trillion dollar deficit.

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