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  • spartacus67517 spartacus67517 Feb 14, 2013 7:25 AM Flag

    An insane tin foil hat wearing conspiracy Theorist


    is now ANYONE who questions KNOWN Liars and individuals caught in False Flag attacks (like giving Guns to Mexican Drug Lords to demonize the second amendment such as internal memos described in "Operation Fast and Furious")


    ....In other news Obama wants you to turn in your Semi Autos while at the same time enforcing the National Defense Authoriazation Act and...and NOW makes the claim that he can have US citizens killed on American soil without Judge or Jury. (yes ...the Tem "Insane Conspiracy Theorist" will be used WHILE IT IS HAPPENNING)

    "It's even worse than coming into your house. President Obama has just stated a policy that he can have any American citizen killed without any charge, without any review, except his own. If he's satisfied that you are a terrorist, he says that he can kill you anywhere in the world including in the United States.

    Two of his aides just were just at a panel two weeks ago and they reaffirmed they believe that American citizens can be killed on the order of the President anywhere including the United States.

    You've now got a president who says that he can kill you on his own discretion. He can jail you indefinitely on his own discretion

    In related news DHS has just purchsed ANOTHER 200 million rounds of ammunition.

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