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  • ali_infesto ali_infesto Mar 1, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    Barry says, "...I should a Jedi mind meld..."

    In creating fiction Barry relies on science fiction but without his teleprompter he fouls up. He confuses Jedi Knights and Vulcans as the Jedi use the 'mind trick' while Vulcans use the 'mind meld'. The Jedi 'mind trick' requires a weak mind in those being tricked while the 'mind meld' requires consent of the person whose mind is probed to be fully effective.

    I think Barry does have some skill in deploying the Jedi 'mind trick' on the weak minded as he most certainly has tricked Hooz and Genna. lol

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    • I have to weigh in on this one....(the bulbous Raven becomes self concious when you mention "weigh in" I will make an observation instead)....The mainstream media is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR ..... TRILLIONS are at stake and they cannot leave anything tio chance...just like they rolled in Colin Powell for WMD's and Bernacke and Paulson in the 2008 Wallstreet scam and used AlQaeda as a PAtsy after 9-11..even though its all over the Mainstream News that Obama is funding AlQaeda....we ARE living in the Matrix...believe NOTHING that comes out of this White House or the MSM.....those who want to continue to believe ins spite of all evnence to the contrary I will just say this..."These arent the Droids you're looking for...move along..move along"

    • Ali infested is irate again because the President mixed up various fictional entities. Typically sad but revealing of aliinfested.

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