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  • mediocreclassguy mediocreclassguy Mar 20, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    Why Won't the Government Just Give Every Man, Woman and Child a Million Dollars?


    Then Make Everyone pay a 23% consumption tax on everything they purchase at the retail exemptions no deductions. Everyone pays exactly the same amount of Taxes on what they consume from then on. Tax only what people consume, not what they produce. Stop all welfare, subsidies, entitlements and any other form of government transfers. There would be no need for these things.....everyone would be least they would until they started consuming more than they produced. The government can do this......they have the presses that can print the money. Just print the money and give it to the people. Then make it against the law for any politician to spend more than $200 to get elected to office and require congress to balance the budget.

    Oh, I'm aware low IQ people will call me names and hurl insults because this would stop the government's ability to take from producers and give to nonproducers.....Progressives (Marxists) would lose power and purpose if that ever happened.

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    • A consumption tax is exactly what we need. It's hilarious when the communist minded minions start screaming, "but the poor and middle class spend a greater percentage of their income of the necessities of life." These mentally challenged goofballs just can't seem to stand the fact that "rich people" have more money left over after they pay their obligations than do poor and middle class people. So what? Do you want to live in a world where there are no rich people? Keep punishing rich people for their success and soon we'll only have people who are all equally poor.

    • That's a dumb idea... really.. the poor and middle class, as a percentage of their income, spends more on consumption than the rich. So, why are you giving the heaviest tax burden on the people who can least afford it?

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      • Progressive taxation is a dumb idea. The more you produce the more you're punished. A consumption tax is much more fair. With a consumption tax people who can afford to spend the most will pay the most. Although slightly different, a sales tax and no income tax works well in states. These states have no income taxes.

        South Dakota

        Compare their economic performance with states that the highest personal income taxes:

        New York
        New Jersey
        These states are also losing populations as producers move to states with lower tax burdens.

        Producers - the people that actually pay taxes......are voting with their feet.

    • A most intriguing scenario. I wonder how long it would take today's government dependents to get back in the same financial shape they are today and be screaming "we need a level playing field?"

    • That's certainly more logical than a minimum wage.....or socialized medical care.

    • why don't you study up on economics especially money and banking and see if you yave to ask the same question again. For a quick answer ask an economist

    • I think your IQ is borderline delusional. where do you come up with the ruffly $320,000,000,000.000.00 it would take to do that ? there is this thing called reality you must deal with.

    • Your idea is an excellent one. The real reason progressives would never go for such a plan is that it gives the masses way too much freedom to make their own choices and suffer the consequences of those choices. The whole concept of Marxism/Communism/Statism/Colectivism/Democratism is that the masses are just too stupid and dumb to live in freedom and make their own choices and that’s why they need elitists to govern them and to make life’s necessary choices for them. Never mind that these so-called elitists can’t even come close to making decisions that will even remotely begin to approach the kind of benefits to mankind that individual liberty and free markets produce.

      These brilliant elitist are the ones that have got us $17 trillion in debt, confiscated the hard earned money of working people and redistributed it to wealthy donors, unions and non-producers. They have virtually destroyed the black family with their plethora of laws made every single American a criminal. They have convinced people they are too dumb to make their own choices of what they eat, buy, wear or should get for their labor. What’s ironic is that more and more members of the masses seem to be agreeing with them.

    • The embracers of Eugenics will fight anything that prevents them from controlling others. That's why. Their system is designed to only reward those that do what the elite wants them to do. Freedom of choice for Eugenicists is deplorable concept. To run your own life as you see fit means they have no power over you. People like Hooz and Genna want to be controlled because they have bought into the idea that they are 'unfit' (see my post on Margaret Sangers idea of what is unfit) to make decisions. Hooz admitted to me years ago that the reason he doesn't post his own ideas is that he is not as smart as the people he copies and pastes. Instead of becoming more knowledgeable and thinking for himself, Hooz continues to remain a useful idiot of the followers of Eugenics who believe only they should be able to run everyone else lives. He is a poster boy for unthinking fanaticism.

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