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  • rover472u rover472u Mar 30, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    What's the Difference between a Communist and Democrat?

    I couldn't think of anything either.

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    • The only Commies left on this planet are Republicans, Tbaggers and ignorant racist red-necks. These jackoffs also exhibit an unusually strong Fascistic bent as well. The worst commies are the ones who attack others for being communists never mind that they aren't communists. The worst offenders are ali infested, pay4ity, regains, etc etc

    • As the USA continues to be threatened by the likes of North Korea now and China later Americans will relearn the fact that these other nations that transnational progressives want to cede US sovereignty to, couldn't care less if the USA was wiped off the face of the Earth. In fact most transnational progressives would welcome it. Once the Democratic Party is seen as the party that wants to do away with sovereignty and individualism, it will be the beginning of the end for the Hoozdiks of the world that propagandize the fanatical idealism of a one world society run by progressive overlords.

    • The label of communism may describe a growing segment of the Democratic Party but the Secular Progressives and transnational progressives are the bigger threat to the USA for the moment. Communism still carries with it the concept of strong ties to sovereignty like the former USSR or China. The bigger threat right now is the open society/open borders transnational progressives that want to end US sovereignty, cede power to an international governing/taxing body and the elimination of borders. These are the people who don't want border enforcement or immigration laws. When you simply throw out communism you create barriers for those that fear McCarthyism but when you expose those who trample the Bill of Rights with the intent of ending US sovereignty, more people are willing to listen to your ideas.

    • Both of them prefer the Communist Manifesto over the U.S. Constitution.

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