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  • ali_infesto ali_infesto Mar 31, 2013 9:52 AM Flag

    Atlanta Cheating Scandal Leads To 3 Dozen Indicted - Huffington Post

    ATLANTA -- Juwanna Guffie was sitting in her fifth-grade classroom taking a standardized test when, authorities say, the teacher came around offering information and asking the students to rewrite their answers. Juwanna rejected the help.

    "I don't want your answers, I want to take my own test," Juwanna told her teacher, according to Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard.

    On Friday, Juwanna – now 14 – watched as Fulton County prosecutors announced that a grand jury had indicted the Atlanta Public Schools' ex-superintendent and nearly three dozen other former administrators, teachers, principals and other educators of charges arising from a standardized test cheating scandal that rocked the system.

    Former Superintendent Beverly Hall faces charges including conspiracy, making false statements and theft because prosecutors said some of the bonuses she received were tied to falsified scores. Hall retired just days before the findings of a state probe were released in mid-2011. A nationally known educator who was named Superintendent of the Year in 2009, Hall has long denied knowing about the cheating or ordering it.
    During a news conference Friday, Howard highlighted the case of Juwanna and another student, saying they demonstrated "the plight of many children" in the Atlanta school system.

    Their stories were among many that investigators heard in hundreds of interviews with school administrators, staff, parents and students during a 21-month-long investigation.

    According to Howard, Juwanna said that when she declined her teacher's offer, the teacher responded that she was just trying to help her students. Her class ended up getting some of the highest scores in the school and won a trophy for their work. Juwanna felt guilty but didn't tell anyone about her class' cheating because she was afraid of retaliation and feared her teacher would lose her job.
    She eventually told her sister and later told the district attorney's investigators. Still confident in her abilit

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    • These teachers are typical RWNJ Tbagger republicans- as crooked as the day is long and now they have to deal with criminal prosecution

    • The brain washing of children is evident in this story as children here were being conditioned to expect help and accept help rather than become prepared and self-reliant. I'm sure Barry will tell us that children like Juwanan are great but in his public actions he loathes those that would refuse government help and Barry's political philosophy of "You didn't build that". Barry really prefers the children unlike Juwanna who are learning the lesson that they can't compete without help and handouts.

      You see if Juwanna attempts to be self-reliant and make something of herself without help, she will be excoriated by Barry and his collective who are of the mind set that "You didn't build that". Juwanna better learn fast that if she continues to choose not to be assimilated into Barry's collective ideology, and she continues to try to be self-reliant and an individual, she will become a target of Barry and his collective. The goal of Barry is assimilation into dependence and resistance is futile.

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