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  • waynedickenson961 waynedickenson961 Jun 23, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

    Airbus wants to recruit Boeing workers , the list of to do items


    All Airbus/McArtor have to do is the following:

    1. Come to WA. ASAP. Engineering centers just need cubicles/desks, computers, Parking/access to transit..

    2. Offer better than Boeing and take your pick of the cream of the Boeing workers. .

    3. Treat employees with more respect than McNerney and Delaney, ( not hard to do ).

    4. Be the same as they are in Europe in terms of working with unions, Yes Airbus has unions sitting on Board of directors, and listens to them. Also mine the wealth of ideas from your union and non union employees. (see item 3)

    5. Give a thought to utilizing WA. state subsidies, yes anti union and Dem posters here, the subsides say just any large aircraft AIRBUS could open a fabrication plant and reap benefits. Consider Moses Lake with cheapest power in the world and a great airport with lots open space.

    6. Don't be so anti WA. and union that aerospace experts say your CEO hates WA. and Unions.

    8. To succeed just modify our major corporation saying.

    Wake up every day and ask your self, What Would Jim McNereny/MCdouglas&GE group think at Boeing do?

    Then just do the opposite.

    Just Do it! And you will succeed. Less

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