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  • falmouthharbor falmouthharbor Sep 19, 2013 1:17 PM Flag


    Charleston continues to be a puzzle. It has 4 787's ready for delivery (Hainan, Air India, China Southern, LAN).
    It has 3 in pre-flight prep (United, China Southern, JAL). It has 3 in pre-flight test and 5 in final assembly.
    But nothing has been delivered in some time. We need to see some of these turned into revenue. We can only hope it will be this quarter.

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    • That elon guy must be waynedick he keeps posting about other company's price action instead of going to their message boards, he must be losing his shirt being a short because he doesn't have clue on how to be a financial adviser$$

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      • tusconlighting747 congratulations you are just posting spam now , you must be proud of yourself, Yep this is a financial message board , nothing limits any poster to Boeing in fact I do not notice you complaining about the political posters so how does that work for you. tusconlighting747 tesla reached a new 52 week high and got a rating of a target price of $200 dollars from the analyst today and Boeing has no rating for a higher target price upgrade today, just pointing out your moves har har har once more for your review tusconlighting747, Tesla is up 420% and Boeing is not only 61% in the same time period , read a chart learn now to trade! LOL .

    • FMH, good point now the conclusion, tesla stock is up 7.5% today compared to Boeing up 1% there are no tesla cars sitting in the showroom they do not need show room they sell direct, no hanger space costs, and Boeing went to elon musk to learn how to try to fix the Boeing battery, tesla designed a safe battery for their cars.. BTW tesla stock is up 420% in the same time Boeing up only 61% and tesla just got a recommendation today for a price target of 200 dollars FMH, this is something I said would happen a few months ago on this message board . while Boeing is not making 420% so far , this gap in gains will be even more one sided for tesla stock price gain going forward.. FMH, when I read your concerns for grounded 787 not making money for you I really wonder why you can not get the fact and make the move. you should make the right conclusion and move to a better stock tsla !

    • BA just got another big order,stock moving to 120 again.

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