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  • phillip041249 phillip041249 Oct 23, 2013 6:56 PM Flag

    hoooz says Obamacare is going to save the guberment money. Now that would be a first

    the guberment saving Americans money. How many times did the CBO change it numbers on Obamacare? Save money was the first statement, then 800B, then 1.7T the 1.7T + a he is back to saving money. So it seems the libtard attack dogs are out again. Can't even sign up for this #$%$. How much money is going to be spent on the Internet Interface. Going to bankrupt the country 21T but the latest number is 24T

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    • So far, the B.O. Care websites have cost $400 million to set up, and "administer ."

      "The author of that Atlantic piece, Alex Howard, hasn’t exactly apologized, but he has been walking back support for the glories of Like a number of other people, Howard says that the front end of the website—the part that people see—was an achievement. All the mess has taken place on the back end, where nasty databases and clunky code from various parties must interact. CGI Federal (GIB/A:CN), a Canadian-owned contractor, has been blamed the most both because of its central role in managing the guts of the site and because it received $88 million of $394 million dedicated to this project. (Want to cry yourself to sleep tonight? Have a look at this government report (pdf) detailing how ridiculously expensive website sausage gets made.)"

      Y.T. Jumbojetski

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