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    Boeing 737 yet another crash, what this 50+ now

    December 8, 1972, United Airlines Flight 553, a 737-200, crashed while attempting to land at Chicago Midway International Airport. Forty-three of the 61 passengers and crew on board plus two people on the ground were killed. This was the first ever fatal incident involving a 737.[135]
    May 31, 1973, Indian Airlines Flight 440, a 737-200, crashed while on approach to Palam International Airport in New Delhi, India. 48 of the 65 passengers and crew on board are killed.[136]
    December 4, 1977, Malaysia Airlines Flight 653, a 737-200, crashed following a phugoid oscillation that saw the plane diving into a swamp after both its pilots were shot following a hijack. The crash happened in the Southern Malaysian state of Johor. 93 passengers and seven crew were killed, among them the Malaysian Agricultural Minister and the Cuban Ambassador to Japan.
    11 February 1978, Pacific Western Airlines Flight 314, a 737-200, crashed while attempting to land at Cranbrook Airport,British Columbia,Canada. The aircraft crashed after thrust reversers did not fully stow following a rejected landing that was executed in order to avoid a snowplow. The crash killed four of the crew members and 38 of the 44 passengers.[137]
    January 13, 1982: Air Florida Flight 90, a 737-200 crashed in a severe snowstorm, immediately after takeoff from Washington National Airport, hitting the 14th Street Bridge and fell into the ice-covered Potomac River in Washington, D.C.. All but five of the 74 passengers and five crew members died; four motorists on the bridge were also killed.[138]
    May 25, 1982: a VASP Boeing 737-2A1 registration PP-SMY on landing procedures at Brasília during rain, made a hard landing with nose gear first. The gear collapsed and the aircraft skidded off the runway breaking in two. Two passengers out of 118 occupants died.[139]
    July 11, 1983: a TAME Boeing 737-2V2 Advanced, registration HC-BIG, crashed while attempting to land at Mariscal Lamar Airport, killing all 111 passengers and 8 crew on

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    • It sounds like ancient history to me, what's your point?

      Here is what Russian authorities had to say about the 737 crash today;

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      • The accident rate for airliners has been going down steadily thanks to the efforts of the manufacturers, FAA, and NTSB to identify the root causes of crashes and put revisions to the design and operation of the planes.
        At the present time an increasing number of crashes have been due to pilot error which is causing a debate on whether the solution should be increasing the level of automation or increasing pilot training. Note that the latest navigation aides for the 737 include a "virtual" image of the terrain to assist the pilot during low visibility landings something that may have prevented the crash you mention.

      • Apparently Yahoo doesn't allow you to copy and past fully;

        Local news agencies reported the plane had tried to land three times before crashing.

        Air safety in Russia is a major issue for the authorities following deterioration in the quality of domestic service after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

        Officials blame most problems on pilot inexperience as well as poor maintenance by the small and poorly regulated-airlines that have sprouted up across Russia in the past two decades.

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