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  • richrusso300 richrusso300 Nov 10, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    Is The Entire World Wrong On REGN?

    & is not objective Livermore correct only?
    ARE every single analyst coverinbg this stock with mid $300 price targets wrong? Are forward projections of sales as revenues of '14 & '15 off? Do they know nothing & Livermore everything?

    I'm showing BOAML for '14 revenues 2.768 Billion & eps $6.88, & 2015 revenue of 4.064 Billion & eps of $13.37.
    This is showing huge growth maybe they didn't hear the news that the main drug EYLEA will be obsolete?
    Ohr Pharms, a micro cap company of about 100 million, with no sales & little cash, losing money this year & projected to lose money next year will in a wet dream take 10's of billions of dollars off REGN market cap! LOL!
    Not that long ago many big state officials of NY went to visit REGN on their $100Million expansion & increase futher of 400 additional jobs. I don't think dying companies do this to all the compliments politicians said about REGN.

    I hope the intruder looking to cause FUD & his supporters just stay to themselves & let them worry about their ill liquid $7 dollar stock & we wioll worry aboout one of the largest & best run Biotech copmpanies in the world.

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