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  • shakespeare_pa shakespeare_pa May 2, 1999 8:25 PM Flag

    Annual Meeting

    Has anyone received annual meeting material or know when it will be? Thanks!

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    • colonel_johann_schmidt colonel_johann_schmidt Nov 11, 1999 10:36 AM Flag

      This isn't an internet stock. It isn't a day traders play. You have to look at the insider buying, the patent attorney hire, and wait for good news.

    • This board appears deserted so I do not expect an
      answer anytime soon. REGN has been around for quite a
      while, and I have patiently held my shares waiting for
      lightning to strike,--- I guess. But it simply seems to
      vegetate. Did it not acquire a high-ranking Merck exec to
      run it some time ago? What has he been doing, if
      anything? Is it poised to go anywhere, or will it simply
      continue to lazily chase its tail around in pointless
      circles??? Inside opinions invited.

    • dont' check this board often so this is reply to
      your message of 8/12. good meeting you at

      re: REGN. Have been out for some time now. seems to
      be a lot of support at these levels. If it drifts
      back down to 7 or below I'll be looking

      re: CYRK. Bought at 5-9/16 and 5-3/8 I think. Sold
      10,000 at 5-7/8, 5500 at 6, and have order pending for
      4500 more at 6. Not all in my account. I thought it
      was CHEAP, tradinag near cash and book and low PE and
      if something happens earnings could soar. But I
      don't know what the catalyst will be and need my money
      (margin calls) elsewhere.

      Currently in KIDE
      (37,201 shares in total in various accounts), ALDN (looks
      like decent value, disappointed in it, it was bouncing
      up and down and I bought at 11 or so for a bounce
      and it didn't bounce but just declined gradually. I
      got into ALDN because I had made money in CHKP and
      thought this was an undervalued play with a similar
      theme). MIR (cash cow, but disappointed in recent
      Bellagio results), MBG (cash cow), TOPP (Pokemon play but
      disappointed with cards and performance. Big position
      currently underwater). LRW (bought on way down. underwater.
      personality flaw--I try to catch falling knives at what I
      hope will be the bottom. I'm usually early). My kids
      accounts have four holdings: a mutual fund my wife
      bought--MFS Emerging Growth Fund; INTC purchased at $7.3125
      in 1994, JPM purchased at $27 in 1992, sold at $130
      something last year, repurchased at $90 last year: and
      KIDE, purchased at an average of about $8.25 in
      April/May. All values split adjusted.

    • He wouldn't have come unless he strongly believed
      the future value of his company options would
      significantly exceed his earnings potential at Bristol Myers.
      He had a layup big income at BMY - to come to REGN
      is a significant vote of confidence from someone who
      is in a very knowledgeable position about the future
      potential of REGN. I have a significantly higher confidence
      level in him looking out for his personal interest than
      a bunch of 20 something MBA's from P&G.

    • Would seem to be good news. I don't think a company would hire someone of that background unless you know your going to have a lot of work to give him.

    • So regn of course controlled for axokine vs
      placebo... but I wonder if they can find an effective way to
      control for the various environmental factors (includes
      consumption of nuts, chocolate, sleep deprivation,
      nervousness, etc) which are believed to trigger herpes cold
      sores outbreaks. Looks like a significant angle to me.

    • the drug Axokine was in Phase I trials.

      phase I trial is a toxicology trial. The entire point
      is to scale up the dose, and find what doses cause
      toxic effects. Then, in Phase II, you scale back to
      doses which don't cause toxic effects, to see if you
      can get some efficacy.

      What was unusual about
      this Phase I trial was that it actually showed
      efficacy, and at doses which did not cause toxicity; the
      company showed that at lower doses, they saw weight loss,
      without any side-effects whatsoever.

      So then why
      did P&G pull out of the trial? I have no

      But even if the drug never sees a herpes-positive
      patient, that's still about half the market, which the
      company now owns 100% - so that's the same amount of
      money they would have made without herpes (in that
      case, they would have owned 50% of the total

      P&G may have said good-bye, but I say hello. I'm
      buying more stock.

    • I read the press release to say that at low doses
      they don't see the side effects they see at high doses
      and do still get the desired weight loss. P&G is a
      cautious old line company that very carefully guards its
      image. For them to be directly associated with a drug
      that might produce "herpes cold sores " God forbid.
      The mgr. that let that happen would have no career
      and AVON
      would have a field day as they did with
      the old P&G logo and the devil worship issue. The
      drug may not have the block buster
      potential to get P&G to see past the risk. However, maybe
      they have left not insignificant revenue on the table
      REGN to make. P&G owns 16% of REGN and wants
      them to be successful. This way they cut direct ties
      to the drug and help
      REGN who does not have the
      image issue to worry about, yet.

      From the press
      "The multiple dose study (daily administration for 14
      days) was conducted at doses that were well tolerated
      in the single dose
      part of the study. Nine
      patients and four placebo patients have been completed to
      date with no reports of nausea, vomiting,
      cough, or
      herpes cold sores. The treated patients lost weight and
      had decreased food (caloric) intake compared with
      those on
      placebo. ``The initial efficacy results are
      encouraging but need to be confirmed in our planned Phase II
      study, which will include
      more patients who will
      receive AXOKINE for a significantly longer period of
      time,'' said P. Roy Vagelos, M.D.,
      Chairman of the Board."

    • are considered to be obese, but only a few are
      malignantly obese. These are the "fat people" you rarely see,
      because they are typically confined to either be or a
      chair and need help to ambulate. This is a relatively
      small group of people, but they are at high risk for
      heart disease and diabetes. They may not mind a bit of
      HSV reactivation. About 40 to 70% of all Western
      world people are HSV infected, though most are in

    • Yes, if Regn finds a way (maybe a different
      dosing regimen?) to get past the current problem
      limiting Axokine's potential market (the announced herpes
      activation results, which explicitly resulted in the
      withdrawal of partner P & G), then Axokine's potential
      market size will include "all" obese people once more...
      and, as you say, as of now there'll by no troublesome
      What does "malignantly obese" mean?

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