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  • rcch12342003 rcch12342003 Apr 17, 2012 7:20 PM Flag

    Don't understand why amateur like you guys

    Especially, waldo, Matt, and seasaw, spend time day in day out wishing a stock to go down. Bought aapl apr call @600 for $2.80 today and now it is $13.68. That option will worth $44.00 when aapl hits 52 weeks high.

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    • ba1k3es,

      I appreciate your comments and am a little surprised by the VIT comment. Could you add any background to your thoughts? I've heard they have major skeletons but have not heard any specifics. Any background information would be much appreciated.

      With Deloitte being VIT's auditor this does look interesting.

    • look at the the esteemed Yongqiang Qian, chairmman of the board, executive dir of monstermob from 2006 to 2007, director of KongZhong from 2004 to 2006; co-founder of new oriental in 1993, founder and ce of ATOP Century. In other words, a likely serial pump and dump crook. Of cousre, MBA from Yale University.

    • Not all of them, but a few of them are the same players.

    • MY IDOL

    • Same key players?

    • Congratulations on catching a break. Its long overdue for you. Seems like you have had you rear end handed to you ...what??? 6 times in the China sector. The logic of shorting this stock is simply that they are reporting fraudulent numbers. In the certain face of economics and regulation QIHU will eventually drop to the appropriate valuation...maybe 4.00.

      It is unfortunate that you have so little appreciation of the market that you begrudge the success the short side has enjoyed in this arena over the last 2 years. Being right about AAPL doesn't translate into some advanced form of financial acumen but those of us on the short side have no paranormal abilities either. My sizeable short is an investment based on what I know and what I think I know. I may be wrong about the price action but I am not wrong about the accounting.

      Let me make the same suggestion I usually make to the die hard supporters. Close your position and watch from a distance. The company has not filed its 20 yet and there is a very strong short side belief that they won't. You can spend $6.95 on a commission and wait for a month to find out. Seems unlikely that the price will get away from you in the next 30 days and $6.95 is a small price to avoid another train wreck.

      The motivation for investing is not the personal glory of being right and bragging rights on a message board, this is about profits.


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