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  • hewhaaa hewhaaa Aug 22, 2012 9:41 PM Flag

    Thank you shorts and Matt Berry!

    I would like to thank all the shorts, especially Matt Berry. They created this situation. Matt Berry did his best to try to push the stock down. He tried to scare everyone in hopes they would sell/short the stock. He did a good job. He convinced a lot of people to short the stock. Too many. The stock was wound up like a spring ready to launch. The more Matt Berry touted his negative allegations, the more people shorted the stock. The spring wound up tighter and tighter. Like all things, eventually all of the artificial manipulation had to unwind. This stock is wound up so tight, it is really going to snap at the shorts. I think we can easily test $36 on this one. Considering the search engine is a game changer for the company, I think we could break out to new highs above $36. Qihu has legitimacy now. It caused BIDU to drop $12 on its search engine news. If QIHU was a sham, its news wouldn't have any effect on major companies like BIDU. This rally is the real deal.

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