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  • kuruma747 kuruma747 Dec 4, 2012 1:37 PM Flag

    Isn't Qihoo violating anti-trust laws (if there is such thing in China)

    I heard Qihoo distributes antivirus software that constants urges the users to install their browser and there was no way to uninstall either products. I heard there was no way to alter the browser setting to use any other search provider but theirs. Is this legal? That is why they have the 10% market share - unsuspecting/naive users who install their products are forced to use their search engine, and there are many novice users who do not even know that they have this trojan horse installed. It does not sound like a legitimate business. What do you guys think of this as an investor? I considered this stock for a while but this turns me off.

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    • I feel qihoo wants market share badly, and it is trying many different tricks of trade to get to some part of the market share. But the negativity and publicized fact many in china found its browser a risk to use and many have abandoned it completely. I have personally used its 360 anti virusware and its browser in China. I did not like them at all. I feel if a company is in for the long run, it would try not to annoy the very customer base it depends on; moreover, it would like copy other legit company's web designs. I found qihoo's website very similiar to google's design. This is very bad! It indicates qihu is without ingenuity and creativity let alone a desire to be a long term player. IMHO of course.

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