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  • finnedcoils finnedcoils Jan 4, 2013 6:08 AM Flag

    Mobile app search engine mivi worth a look

    SUNNYVALE, Calif., Dec. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Mimvi, Inc. (OTCQB: MIMV) announces that alongside the new release of Mimvi App Search now in the Windows Phone Store, Mimvi is taking advantage of Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Azure cloud platform to extend its core technology to internal and external groups and partners in the Microsoft ecosystem. This strategic relationship with Microsoft allows Mimvi to further enhance and extend its proprietary algorithmic technology - the foundation of its mobile search, discovery and recommendations engine.

    In addition to search and recommendations, Mimvi is using Windows Azure to build out a suite of products based on its technology, including MimviLink™, a mobile advertising network that matches relevant mobile apps to content.

    Microsoft and Mimvi are also working together to enable companies to migrate mobile apps and backend infrastructures to the Windows Azure cloud and/or the Windows Phone Store.

    Kasian Franks, Founder and CVO of Mimvi states, "Windows Azure is a great match for Mimvi's growing technology needs. The mobile space is exploding with apps, and without good search technology and a strong cloud foundation to serve our results, we wouldn't be able to keep pace with the growing demand for our services."

    Mimvi's search engine returns millions of mobile app and web app results and has indexed the more than 1.2 million mobile apps in the marketplace today. It's the only search engine that provides users access to "Amazon-like" recommendations for mobile apps specifically. The global smartphone app market is forecasted to reach US $100+ billion by 2017 according to Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

    "Our strategic technology advantage and relationship with Microsoft will serve Mimvi well," says Franks.

    "Companies such as Mimvi that develop ways to approach mobile search and app recommendations can take advantage of Microsoft's scalable cloud solution. With Windows Azure, Mimvi can quickly build, deploy and manage its core mobile search and discovery technologies and applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Windows Azure will help enable Mimvi to quickly provide clients and partners with the services they need in an increasingly competitive environment," says Dan Sandlin, Manager Windows Azure Team at Microsoft.

    Two Questions:
    1. O.K, so what's the Big Deal?
    2. Why the such a Mediocre Response from the market?

    Let's deal with question #2 first.
    The simplest answer is for the most part the Market has no idea what this PR really means.
    In other words, " Windows Azure Extends Mimvi Search and Recommendation Technology ",
    Sounds cool, but why is that a Big Deal?
    How does this translate into Company and Shareholder value?
    Skeptics and shorts alike, ridicule Mimv and say, " you see Microsoft is just stating what
    Microsoft is doing for Mimv and not what Mimv is doing for Microsoft. "
    " This is some Partnership "

    I believe this, most recent Mimv PR, needs to be translated down to the average trader.
    Let me give it a whirl!
    Now to Question #1.
    O.K, so what's the Big Deal?

    Let me start off with this, Mimv is no scam as is being touted on Ihub.
    This PR should eliminate this kind of false and uneducated clamour.

    Microsoft does not " Partner " with scam companies or fraudelant, going nowhere, Pennystock Companies!
    Microsoft just doesn't allow any Company to flash it's Holy Name everywhere, including Legal documents, like Mimv's 10-Q and Mimv's PR's.

    First off, According to Mimv Founder, Kasian Franks, in his Conference Call after the Microsoft Partnership was first announced, stated Microsoft first approached Mimv and it's Search Technology in January of 2012.
    So this is not Mimv just trying to make a name for themselves.
    Microsoft sought Mimv First!

    This Partnership was detailed. This Partnership included multiple initiatives and stages.
    Succeed in “level one” and then you go to a deeper relationship “level 2” and so on.
    Like most of these technology partnerships, the end game is, partnership continues and grows, acquisition or the partnership ends.

    It is a growing Partnership.
    Where Microsoft's voice gets louder and louder as Mimv accomplishes preset goals
    and arrangements.

    Let's be certain, Microsoft has always spoken.
    But not in the way we might have expected.
    Right in the very beginning.
    The initial PR on Mimv/Microsoft Partnership was reviewed and approved by Microsoft.
    And every PR since, Microsoft has spoken.
    By Simply allowing Mimv to include it's very name and approving of Mimv
    by allowing Mimv to call it a Partnership.

    Mimvi completed Level one. Mimv Search and Discovery App.
    Mimv finished migrating thousands of Apps to it's Mobile 8 Platform
    Microsoft likey. Kudos to Mimv!

    Mimv has now moved on into Level two.
    Now Microsoft voice get's a little louder.
    With Microsoft verbally mentioning and affriming Mimv Business Model and it's Search Services,
    as they did in Mimv last PR.

    Now Listen closely, skeptics.
    Microsoft does not, I repeat, does not, give it's voice to just any Company.

    These comments from Microsoft seals the deal for me.
    Any credability issues or questioning Mimv as a legit company went out the window!
    To me, Microsoft is definately on board and in full support of Mimv and Franks.

    How about
    Mimv's Jeff King:

    " We have the honor to be at the forefront of Microsoft's exciting new technologies and Mimvi is poised to play a major role in that future."

    Updated info on Website under, Developers:

    We Work With You

    We feel your pain. We know how challenging the current developer landscape can be sometimes. Mimvi is completely committed to open collaboration with all developers—large and small—across the board. Our goal is to ensure that you win. We want your app reaching the right user at the right time - every time. This will help you focus your efforts on what really matters—developing apps.

    " Mimvi is working closely with the Microsoft Azure cloud services team to maintain an architectural foundation to serve consumers and partners, including Microsoft, with mobile app, search, discovery and recommendation services. In addition to search and recommendations, Mimvi is using Azure to build out a suite of products based on its technology, including MimviLink™, a mobile advertising network that matches relevant mobile apps to content of any format on any platform. "

    And also under ABOUT:

    MIMVI is a pure-play mobile technology company. Born out of a R&D 100 award winning biomimetic search engine technology developed by Kasian Franks, Mimvi is leading the way with a suite of innovative products for the mobile marketplace.

    A Powerful Mobile App Search & Recommendation Engine

    We also offer Business Solutions - new and innovative ways of reaching and retaining customers, downloads and in-app transactions.
    " Mimvi and Microsoft working together may be able to help with unique and powerful marketing efforts, including showcasing products at Microsoft Events, Social Media/PR blitz for app releases, individualized social media campaigns and more. "

    You can try anything you want to discredit Mimv at this point and it's just
    a smokescreen to cover a short agenda or you haven't done enough DD.
    Whether it's Poutre's past, Dilution, or using words like scam, sec, misleading statements
    in it's 10-Q. I mean I have heard it all.

    Regardless Mimvi/Microsoft Partnership is full steam ahead.
    And Mimv Buisness Plan is set to take off.
    To me it's not a matter of, Well why didn't Microsoft say more about this Partnership.
    If you understand what kind of Partnership this is, You know more from Microsoft is coming.
    All in due time.

    In the recent Article, Mobile Gold: Top Stocks in Mobile and Search
    By John Fisher - December 21, 2012

    According to Mimvi executives," Microsoft is preparing to jointly market and provide additional PR services to Mimvi. "

    Level two involves Mimv to Getting apps hosted on their Azure cloud platform versus arch enemy Amazon’s EC2 Cloud and getting app developers to develop apps for Windows Mobile 8.

    The whole point of the last PR on Microsoft's Windows Azure Extends The Reach Of Mimvi Search And Recommendation Technology was again purposely to connect Mimv with Microsoft.
    But, people don't realize in the end Microsoft wants Mimv to use it's name and tout it's Partnership.

    Here is the Deal in the nutshell.

    Microsoft in Essence Partnered with Mimv to help Microsoft compete in the Mobile App race.
    The agreement involved Microsoft making undisclosed investments in Mimvi in the form of engineering services, software and cash.

    Mimv was already a Leader in Mobile App Search.
    But failing to capitalize in the Market.

    Microsoft is a Tech Giant but struggling to compete with Apple and Google especially in
    attracting App Developers and Advertisers.

    Hence the Partnership.

    With Microsoft's help, Mimv has been rejuvinated, revived, reconfigured, and ready to see exponential growth.

    Adding to it's resume with Agreements with Mashape and Entrepreneur Magazine.
    And it's hiring of Jeff King for VP of Product and Operations.
    With all this Networking and Microsoft exposure Mimv is sure to add to
    it's Partnerships, Clientele, and ultimately, cash flow!

    What Microsoft is doing is basically building up, supporting, and investing in Mimv, because Mimv
    is setting up to be a major contribution in aiding Microsoft in atttracting App Developers
    and Advertisers.

    Mimv is not just Search and Recommendation.
    Mimv also has Search related services to help App Developers.
    Whether with Mimvi Echo to enhance Market Exposure.
    Mimvi Link a new kind of Advertising service.
    Mimvi Connect deals with App Development.

    It gives Microsoft a strong strategic technology partner in the key search and recommendation area which will enable it to boost demand for apps on its Windows Phone Store and throughout its Windows Azure ecosystem.
    Likewise, it enables Mimvi to develop its search, recommendation, and other products for Microsoft's enterprise customers.

    So quote, " Microsoft and Mimvi are also working together to enable companies to migrate mobile apps and backend infrastructures to the Windows Azure cloud and/or the Windows Phone Store. "

    This Is A Big Deal!

    So one cannot say, oh, well, this a typical Partnership.
    Mimv is just one of thousands of Apps Partnering with Microsoft.
    It is much more complex than that.
    Some may say, well, I thought there was more to it then that.
    And it is a good point!

    But be Patient.
    This thing is still in it's infancy.

    There is more to come from Microsoft.
    Additional affirmations and PR support from Microsoft.
    Possible Revenue sharing Agreements.
    With Mimv Search better than it's own Search Platform,
    Microsoft could make Mimv it's Primary Search or Migrate
    Mimv's Technology with it's own.
    And ultimately a Lucrative buyout is not out of the question.

    But in the end it's a win win.
    For Mimv as a Company and Mimv Shareholders!
    Mimv before the Nasdaq Conference and after the Conference is a
    totally different Company!

    Mimv is primed to become the Go to for App Search and App related services.

    Mobile App advertising is huge Buisness and huge Revenues.
    When I spoke to Gerard Kief, Head of Mimv Investor Relations, he told me Mimv
    was expected to generate Multiple Millions in 2013.

    As Mimv's Search Services like Mimv Link is set to be a game changer
    in the Mobile App Advertising Buisness!

    Again, Franks expects in the least Mimv true value pps between 2 - 3 dollars.
    based on Quixey and Chomp valuations.

    But Franks also believes Mimv Technology exceeds that of them both.

    Listen Apple and Google had small beginnings.
    Mimv is only three years old.
    Mimv's Management Team at the Nasdaq Conference stated it's been a long tough road.
    So don't rehash the Old Mimv Blues!

    But the flag has been placed and Mimv is now ready to see it's Buisness Plan take Fruition.

    There is no reason to think Mimv won't atleast be a candidate to become the next Google for Mobile App Search and Mobile App Advertising!

    At these levels Mimv is undervalued and considered a low risk, potential high reward

    Just give it more time to unfold!

    My DD, My Wallett, My Take!

    Sentiment: Hold

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