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  • italiatlt italiatlt Sep 16, 2013 1:20 PM Flag

    Why would QIHU spent the $600 million they just raised to pay $450 million for 2% marketshare?

    Answer is they wouldn't and that is why they passed on this deal. They can create and steal their own marketshare as they have.

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    • they don't know how to negotiate a deal that is why they are forced out. they steal marketshare because google help them. now they turn their backs on google. they also tricked people to downloading their browsers since it looks like i.e. and even the chinese government tell them to stop such illegal moves. they also use their antivirus to say your computer may be infected or not safe unless you download their browsers and use their software. their embedded malware into search will have repercussions sooner or later.

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      • Ha Ha, you own a large brokerage and don't know all of the US security software firms do the same thing "we'll check your computer, it must be full of virus's" as a lead in to sell their products. Check any US online security AD and you may learn something for all you agents to be aware of...what is your brokerage selling? snake oil...lmao

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      • first of all QIHU is still working with Google so that is incorrect. Secondly, they passed on this deal because is was usless for them. This deal between SOGO and Tencent is an aggreement not a buyout of search marketshare. It is not like when one stock exchange buys another and gains the orderflow. QIHU doesn't need either one of them. They are destroying the market becasue the CEO of QIHU is a brillant. Go reseach him... He was so smart to force the download to take marketshare. This is nothing less than another US internet company has done. You really need to do your hmework on this one. Seach is search! Neither Tencent or SOGU are involved in this area in any meaningful way. All you have to do is look at the US internet search space = GOOGLE (they control 67%). They only do search. No WEIBO, no Tweets, texts. ect, unlike Tencent and SOHU - QIHU is Just search and mobile along with security.BIDU is the major player here but more like Yahoo was in the 90's. QIHU is like the new incumbent as in GOOG was in 2000...You cannot compare Tencent/SOHU with Bidu and QIHU. BIDU has lost 17% marketshare this year and more to come from QIHU! It's all about the algo! GOOGLE has similar algo search...

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