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  • tianyiinvest2013 tianyiinvest2013 Jan 24, 2014 10:16 AM Flag

    seriously, are you guys over-reacting to the SEC issue?

    all the sudden everybody turns negative. doesn't make sense to me.

    look, QIHU is actually doing pretty well compared with other ADRs. It's actually doing better than my C and FAS...

    What the heck... Why are the US banks all falling yesterday and today? This is not just a thing in china. Maybe people are really scared of a potential financial meltdown in china? that's why people are even selling off US banks?

    but, US tech are doing well. like Microsoft, Google, Apple... If this is a financial crisis, why aren't people selling off US tech stocks?

    hey italiatlt, any insights?

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    • Tiany this is a all around sell-off. I mentioned yesterday that selling was not being met with buy on the dip mentality. A few issues are lurking: With respect to Chinese ADR's there are a few as we mentioned yesterday. The SEC issue is an old on but not going away. The SEC always gets what they want when they file a case. They often wait and build a case before proceeding. I'm sure in the end the SEC and the Chinese Gov't will come to some sort of agreement especially if Chinese companies want to raise capital in the US markets. Sure it's beneficial to the US to have these listings but protecting the little investor is the SEC's job or at least their pitch to get what they want. The other Chinese issue is the bank note issue you mentioned yesterday. That's a big fear (default) but another issue that will IMO be resolved. The US stocks are selling off for the Taper that will continue next week. There is just so much uncertainty in the markets today and people are looking FOR ANY EXCUSE to take profits! With last years gains most people expect a sell-off so people are trying to get in front of the trade...

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    • Over-reaction is what the savvy Trader makes money on.

    • Ironically, the Shanghai index started to go up as soon as ADRs started to go down. Lol, is this some kind of trade?

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      • yes and this tells you that the ADR's should reverse and move higher. Here in the US, folks are looking for any reason to sell and markets have been rolling over for a few weeks... Expect a 5% decline if you chart the S&P 500. It has moved 5-7% above its major LT trend-line and has retraced back to this trend-line every time. I could see the S&P declining to 1750 to touch the trend and that's only a 3% decline from here...

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