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  • italiatlt italiatlt Jan 30, 2014 11:58 AM Flag

    Kerry I'm still very involved and for the record the stock is only $1.15 over the high, where I actually sold some

    Last time it was near here. You are not making money unless you are locking in need to trade off a base position to lock in gains. Qihu needs to close on new highs not just trade here. I'm excited but weary as you should be. This stock could be at $95 tomorrow or over $100. Never lose sight of that in your excitement. Trade the ranges off a core position.

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    • I feel bad that you sold so soon that it broke to a new high for the first time in 4 or 5 months. This will run to around $115 before taking a breather. Don't be afraid of success! It's good to have the bat in your hands and swing at a fastball that's right over the heart of the plate!

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    • I knew you would come back with "all the right answers." Don't you ever get tired of being right all the time....Trade the way you like. I don't need to do it for a living every day. I've been in since right after the IPO at $28.84......You figure out how I'm doing......Sorry I bothered you.....

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      • See the problem is you assume too many things. Thats your first mistake. I never said i was out. I said i was playing both sides as always. You shouldn't be on here trying to insult people like BG because he didn't like what he smelled. He was right the last time and as I said before its way to early to claim victory. You Obviously are new at this. For the record, I don't care how you are doing. You would have been better off trading those ranges. I had over 2000 shares and sold them around here. I'm about 20% of my previous positions waiting for confirmation. As I have been telling everyone, you are better to give up a few bucks of upside and let the stock confirm the breakout because if the stock doesn't confirm then back to $90 and lower again as you have seen ten times since the old highs. I knew you would come on here and claim victory trying to rub it in peoples faces. Difference between you and I: I'm here to try to help and get information for those that can provide good information. You are a bitter little man that seeks his own gratification. For the record, this is my job (day trading). And I appreciate the good conversation during the day since it's just me on this desk...

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    • I;M UP OVER $200,000 TODAY

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